Here are my thoughts on the following Lessons 325 – 340. At this point in our daily lessons, we are still taking these lessons internally to be with our Inner Teacher and allow Him to guide us.

Lesson 325 – All things I think I see reflect ideas 

This reminds me of what is stated in the Text, “an outward picture of an inward condition.” What is it that I desire, that is what I will see. Usually, it is that of the ego’s mindset. When a few weeks back when I was startled by financial issues of our ministry and my studio, it really was there ever present in my mind the fear. As I relaxed into God’s Arms, the thought was held of trust, love and safety. In this, I saw changes manifest outside of me, besides internally. I felt the calmness resonate through me. No longer was I shattered by what I saw occurring in my world. 

Lesson 326 – I am forever an Effect of God. 

As these lessons wind down to the end, more and more it is not about the very words but what is it that I feel within my heart. I am an Effect of God, therefore I am creative in the sense that He is creative in creating me. 

Lesson 327 – I need but call and You will answer me. 

I call because I feel I am alone. Otherwise, there would be no reason to call as I would be steady in my aim knowing my core is one of Truth.  

Lesson 328 – I choose the second place to gain the first. 

In choosing the second place, there really is no choice, neither first or second. The ego chooses first and loudly, and so by sidestepping the ego, I am choosing the seeming second place. It’s like the lesson earlier in the Workbook. I will step back and let Him lead the way. I am led to my goal, God. 

Lesson 329 – I have already chosen what You will. 

Here in the world, I seem that I choose this, that and the other thing. In all, it is the one “choice” if there is such a thing. I align myself with God’s will for in this I am in communion with Him. 

Lesson 330 – I will not hurt myself today. 

When thoughts of fear or angst arise as they can do, I am choosing suffering. What occurs just is. It is my interpretation of what is occurring where I ache and cry tears of pain. When I close my eyes, closing off to the ego and opening into my heart, I feel the Love of God, of my Self, and I begin to cry tears of joy instead. 

Lesson 331 – There is no conflict, for my will is Yours. 

On the story goes as the ego tells it. I am alone, abandoned and deserted here in this world. But I am not. As I steady my mind, remember my Source, exhibit strength and courage, I know there is no conflict. There is only God. 

Lesson 332 – Fear binds the world. Forgiveness sets it free. 

What can be said about this lesson. It is simple as what it states. My fear imprisons me. My forgiveness liberates me. As I recall those who have hurt me, taken advantage of me, and whatever other story the ego has concocted, I know that I am whole and complete.  

Lesson 333 – Forgiveness ends the dream of conflict here. 

I thought of someone who had abandoned me, at least my ego mind believed so. I could not understand why and could only surmise. Even years ago, when I reached out and tried to make sense with this person, I was assured there was nothing at all. Truth or lie, I know not. As I learn in the Manual for Teachers, sometimes we are brought together for short learning periods and sometimes longer or life-long lessons. May I bless this person and the gifts I have received in knowing them and now not knowing them.  

Lesson 334 – Today I claim the gifts forgiveness gives. 

Why choose judgment when I can be centered in forgiveness? It happens I know so easily to be quick to judge what a family member says, or friend, client, or even someone in the national spotlight. But forgiveness is the gift that keeps on giving! If I seek peace, then I unwrap the gift of forgiveness. After all, I look at forgiveness as “for giving love” and I like that sentiment. 

Lesson 335 – I choose to see my brother’s sinlessness. 

No matter who arises in my mind, I have to be present and mindful and withhold judgment. Forgiveness is a choice as stated in this lesson. If I choose forgiveness, then I choose liberation. 

Lesson 336 – Forgiveness lets me know that minds are joined. 

I choose forgiveness so that any sense of separation will dissolve before me. I see through a dark glass when I am unforgiving. Clarity comes when peace is restored to my mind. 

Lesson 337 – My sinlessness protects me from all harm. 

Perfect peace. It is this I desire right to the core of my being. Through God, there is nothing that could blemish who I am in Truth. The world may fault me, but I am pure in His Eyes. 

Lesson 338 – I am affected only by my thoughts. 

It Is my own thoughts that rain down the pain in my mind. When I have a thought from the past of something I did or didn’t do and I feel ashamed, guilty, or angry, then I remember I am in the here and now and those thoughts mean nothing. I allow them to have the power to bring the storms and strife. When my mind is clear the sun shines brightly. 

Lesson 339 – I will receive whatever I request 

The first line here states, “No one desires pain.” Of course, no one does. It does seem rather insane that I inflict pain again and again. Gladly, it is not liked it used to be. I would abuse myself so harshly but over the years of studying and more importantly, PRACTICING this Course, my life is filled with love and peace. 

Lesson 340 – I can be free of suffering today. 

Today is a day to celebrate freedom. I am initiating healing in concert with the Holy Spirit. And, what a joyous symphony we play today as freedom bears the theme and with each crescendo I feel liberated and born anew. 

P.S. Listen to my Living the Lessons podcast episode for this lesson as I expanded a little more on what I wrote here. See link below.


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