Insights By: Ryan Westbrook-Vigue

Workbook Lesson: 320 Insights 

My Father gives all power unto me



Lesson 320

My Father gives all power unto me



“God’s Son is limitless.” This echo’s the same statement made in the “What is the Last Judgment” section that goes with this lesson. As God’s Son, we cannot be limited by a body. As we fully accept and recognize our Father as our Source and the Self He created as our Identity, the body ceases to have meaning and it simply fades away. For most the body seems very real. I believe the body’s senses give me information about what is really happening. Yet the body is a false image and can only give false information. All I perceived through the body’s eyes is false. Forgiveness is not only possible, but inevitable. Returning to the truth returns my awareness of all real power in our mind.



God placed in our minds the Source of true perception that is not limited by the body’ senses. It is true perception that will set me free. It is true perception that shows me that the Son of God is limitless. It teaches me that the Son of God is my Identity.


I open to the full acceptance of His limitless peace and limitless joy. God’s Final Judgment is that all my false images, all my false ideas, could never be real and could have no effect on His Son, the extension of Himself. That is His grace. As I am willing to bring each false idea to the Holy Spirit and open my mind for His correction, I move toward the full acceptance of God’s Will for me. 



My practice is to open to this power and not deny it. Everyday my practice is to accept God’s Will for me. Day-by-day my practice is to go one step further in accepting the truth. Let me today accept God’s gift by bringing all my thoughts to the Holy Spirit for Him to show me what is real and what is unreal, what is true and what is false. I recognize that all God’s power is given unto me. 


Let me accept God’s gifts today by bringing all my thoughts to the Holy Spirit for Him to show me what is real and what is unreal. Holy Spirit help me see what is true and what is false. 


Wishing each of you the Deepest Peace,




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