Insights By: Ryan Westbrook-Vigue

Workbook Lesson: 311 Insights 

I judge all things as I would have them be.



Lesson 311


I judge all things as I would have them be. 



As I read and meditated on today’s lesson this morning I searched within and sat quietly and openly to hear the guidance from the Holy Spirit on where to focus the practical application. When I received my Holy Spirit download I thought this possibly could not be a big enough deal for me to look directly at, but oh it was.


Before my accident I ran ten miles a day. After the accident, running was to be in my past. I am short in stature and have had to battle my weight my entire life. After my accident I gained so much weight until I reached my highest at a little over 450 pounds. Years later I decided to undergo a weight reduction surgery. I got to the point where a change had to be made. I had separated myself from life and spent days in the shadows hoping to not be seen. I have been a total success when it has come to maintaining my weight and ensuring that I don’t climb back up the weight ladder. As of late for some reason I’ve put on a little weight, roughly 10 pounds, nothing significant to anyone else’s’ doctors or families. I continue to view my weight as something that still defines me. Since I’ve gained some weight I told myself no big deal, I lost 340 pounds before and all I have to do is loose 10 pounds, no big deal.


As I read and meditated on today’s lesson I realized that I was just kidding myself about it being no big deal. It was really weighing heavily on my mind and I saw it quickly for was it was. I was judging myself for being weak willed and foolish. I was using judgment to convince myself that I am a body and powerless. I was seeing myself separate. After all, not everyone has a problem controlling their weight. In fact my weight problems are worse than everyone else’s or so I tell myself. By thinking this way it is guaranteed the illusion of being special and separate.


I was guided to visualize myself sitting down a heavy sack of “special feelings.” I took each one out and showed it to the Holy Spirit. One by one, we looked at them together. We looked at my dread of being powerless, and my belief that my problems were worse than everyone else’s, at my embarrassment at once again having “failed.” We looked at each sense of specialness until the entire bag was empty. Then the Holy Spirit took both my hands and we smiled at the insubstantial pile of illusions as they fade away into nothingness they are without the support of my belief in them. 


While the ego judges from a limited perspective that cannot see the whole, the Holy Spirit judges from the point of totality. His judgment is very simple. He recognizes all things as either real or unreal. What is real is Love and nothing else. What is unreal is nothing and is disregarded as meaningless and without effect. As I learn to practice giving all my judgments to the Holy Spirit, my burden is lightened and I walk with an easy step. My judgments with the ego always carry guilt and weigh me down with fear of punishment for that guilt. As I release my judgment to the Holy Spirit to let Him judge on my behalf it is the way out of hell and return to my Home in God. 


Today is a day of letting the Holy Spirit judge for me. Today I will practice refraining from judging my own. Today I will practice holding the Holy Spirit’s hand and receiving Christ’s Vision. Today I will take one more step towards accepting the freedom that is mine.



Wishing each of you the Deepest Peace,







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