Insights By: Ryan Westbrook-Vigue

Workbook Lesson: 308 Insights 

This instant is the only time there is.



Lesson 308


This instant is the only time there is.



Before the Course found me, I was stuck in the past. Years ago I was physically and emotionally beaten by my father, and I experienced hatred in the faces of people as they were spitting in my face at pride parades and events. I found myself defiantly holding onto the past in a way that was hindering my Self. I see now that it was merely an ego ploy to keep me from the Truth.


This lesson is asking me to let go of the past. It does not serve the goal of remembering my Self as God created me. The Self I am can only be known in the present without meanings dragged with me in my mind to cover up the present. When I look at someone while I hold onto the past; I interpret what I see based on the past I bring with me. A certain expression on their face I measure against my past experiences and decide that they are happy or sad, or friendly or angry. When I do this I do not see them as they are now. To know the joy of Love that is ever present, I must let go of the past. Then I am free to see that Love is all there really is without the past I am free with an open mind to let the Holy Spirit show me His meaning in everything I see.


The truth about my one Identity is changeless. The truth of my Identity is eternal. It is always the same in the eternal present. In the eternal present there is no time. There is no past and no future. The eternal present is always here right now. It is always there, behind all the beliefs in time and space, waiting to be recognized and known again.


Today I will practice opening my mind to the Holy Spirit again and again. I will practice letting my mind be healed of all the false ideas that pass through. I am willing to practice being taught the difference between what is real and what is not real. I am willing to move from belief in time to timelessness. I am willing to practice recognizing the holy instant is the only time there is. I am willing to open to God’s eternal peace, happiness, and joy. This instant is the only time there is.



Wishing each of you the Deepest Peace,




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