Insights By: Ryan Westbrook-Vigue

Workbook Lesson: 309 Insights 

I will not fear to look within today.



Lesson 309


I will not fear to look within today. 


When I first came to the Course as my new spiritual practice I never knew it would look so deeply at things I had looked at for years without explanation, so I didn’t expect what would come in the years that followed. The Course instructs and encourages us to not only look within, but to also face guilt head on. I came from a traditional Christian main-line background. As I began my spiritual path looking so deeply within and actually listening as I examined my thoughts was something I had never done so beautifully until the Course found me. Then there is this guilt obstacle; at first whenever I would look at guilt I thought, “this does not apply to me”. My reasoning was that I rarely ever do anything to my brothers or sisters that would warrant guilt. Besides, if I accidently offended someone, I would go and “clean” it up and take care of it. This works well for me. 


However, the Course discusses guilt at a deeper level, just like the 10 commandments have a deeper meaning to them. I admit that I still don’t have the “guilt” concept down 100%, but at least now it makes sense to me. I now stay vigilant to where I may be projecting guilt onto others. However, I don’t always find this easy to fulfill.


The guilt I am aware of is like the tip of an iceberg. Beneath the surface, hidden in my unconscious mind, is intolerable guilt that seems to lurk, waiting to be discovered. The way I reach full recognition of the Eternal Innocence within is to step-by-step bring every thought of guilt and fear to the Holy Spirit. As I give them to Him with an open mind and heart, I receive His gift of recognition that nothing has ever occurred to alter the Holy Son of God in any way. The Son is my Self, my Identity, forever pure, forever innocent and forever Love.


Today I will accept the Holy Spirit’s gift of innocence and share it with the world. I will not fear to look within today.



Wishing each of you the Deepest Peace,




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