Lessons 295 – 311

Here are my thoughts on our previous lessons. At this point, we are still embracing the lessons quietly and internally as we demonstrate their meaning through our words and actions here in the world. 

Lesson 295 – The Holy Spirit looks through me today. 

May I see the world through Christ today with the Eyes of Peace. The world is saved through my decision to bless the world with forgiveness. 

Lesson 296 – The Holy Spirit speaks through me today. 

I am to teach what I would learn and do so through my own demonstration to others here. In the stillness of the moment, I align my mind with the Holy Spirit and speak what He would have me say. 

Lesson 297 – Forgiveness is the only gift I give. 

Without forgiveness I would be left in misery. As I looked on a recent situation in my life in which I felt disconcerted, I recalled that first, peace is my one goal, and the way to reach my goal is to forgive the situation and those involved. It does not matter what the fine details are of the occurrence, what matters is that I recognize I do not like how I feel and that I deeply desire another way of looking upon it. Forgiveness is the gift of peace for me.  

Lesson 298 – I love You, Father, and I love Your Son

I have been torn with a decision, yet I remember that there is only one decision and that for the way of God. If I trust in His Certainty, then I can never fail. His sanctuary of peace calls to me no matter what I decide. I decide for Him. 

Lesson 299 – Eternal holiness abides in me. 

When I am dive in the pits of hell, which can still happen at times as I live here in the ego’s realm. I do not acknowledge my holiness. In fact, it is as if it has been wiped from my memory.  But it hasn’t. The ego has implanted a false memory where I fail and am beaten to the core. I’ve believed this illusion of pain and scarcity. My holiness stands apart from that illusion. The radiance of truth is a beacon and it draws me as a moth to a flame. How silly of me to think that God created something other than holiness. 

Lesson 300 – Only an instant does this world endure. 

I have experienced a multitude of sorrows in my life and they have hung over my head as a dark and ominous cloud at times as if it would predict the future. This is a false perception and an attempt to keep me matted in fear. Just as a storm that passes until the rainbow and sun is present in the sky again, so too will this cloud of fear pass. My mind is restored to the holiness of my true Identity. 

Lesson 301 – And God Himself shall wipe away all tears. 

I have wept as have we all over one aspect of our lives or another. I have felt the sting of pain, the isolation of abandonment and the feelings of being unneeded in the world. It can still appear if I do not guard my mind. This doesn’t mean I fail in what Jesus has taught in ACIM, it only means that I am here in the world and will exhibit these symptoms from time to time. The world will do what it will do as I have no control over what occurs. I do possess the ability to choose how I think about the world. I can see God’s world instead of what I perceive. In this, my tears shall dry. 

Lesson 302 – Where darkness was I look upon the light. 

The light has come as I look internally instead of to the world for my definition. Only the light will show me the beauty within. The light will show me a world forgiven and a love that can never fail. 

Lesson 303 – The holy Christ is born in me today. 

I typically use this lesson at Christmastime as it is seems to fit for me personally. The idea that I am surrounded by angels, ie. the Thoughts of God, brings warmth and safety. In the quiet my True Self is born and will foster Oneness. Today I welcome Christ. 

Lesson 304 – Let not my world obscure the sight of Christ. 

I have held a slate in front of my holy sight and have chalked in my own perception. I need but remove this from my sight and I will see through the eyes of Christ. The light blesses all as I bless myself. 

Lesson 305 – There is a peace that Christ bestows on us. 

In these preceding lessons I am led to the pinnacle of peace. In this peace, it is deep and quiet, undisturbable and changeless just as the lesson whispers to me. My arms are outstretched to welcome in the love, healing and peace of Christ. 

Lesson 306 – The gift of Christ is all I seek today. 

I have searched and never found the perfect gift. There is only one and that is the gift of Christ vision. No reason to return it as it is an everlasting gift that brings me my rebirth. No matter what I do or think about, I am redeemed in loving kindness. The Metta or Loving-Kindness meditation as practiced by Buddhists is a meditation practice near and dear to my heart as it provided the means for me to open my heart, my holy gift to the world and to myself. May I be happy. May I be well. May I be safe. May I be peaceful and at ease. 

Lesson 307 – Conflicting wishes cannot be my will. 

The fact with this lesson that we enter silently into a state where conflict cannot come is meaningful to me. In the silence will I hear the Voice of God and recognize His Will. 

Lesson 308 – This instant is the only time there is. 

There is only now. No matter what I thought about a few minutes or hours before, there is only now. Now is love present. Now is there no past or future. Now is where I forgive. Now is where I am at peace. 

Lesson 309 – I will no fear to look within today. 

In dealing with fear in a recent financial situation regarding my business, I will not allow the fear to stand in the forefront. Instead, I step back and allow the Holy Spirit to lead the way. When I take my steps with Holy Spirit, I take a stride toward freedom. Holiness and serenity are my natural state. It is this I deliver to my mind when I recall the Eternal Will of God. 

Lesson 310 – In fearlessness and love I spend today. 

As my seeming troubles continue, I am not forsaken. I take my seat in the quiet of the morning and grant the shower of His Love and Comfort. I have thankfulness for the knowledge I am not isolated and alone in my experience. I call upon His Love to show me there is nothing to fear, and it is so. I trust and my mind is restored to its natural state. 

Lesson 311 – I judge all things as I would have them be. 

Living in the heart is the way to shatter the weapon of judgment. I don’t know how to judge since all I know here in the world is the ego’s judgment and its resulting terror. My mind is receptive to what Words will be spoken by the Divine Presence. I know already that the Words would be of my Innocence and my Purity. Words the ego does not want to embrace, but I shall for I know it to be the truth. 

P.S. Listen to my Living the Lessons podcast episode for this lesson as I expanded a little more on what I wrote here. See link below.


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