Insights By: Ryan Westbrook-Vigue

Workbook Lesson: 319 Insights 

I came for the salvation of the world.



Lesson 319


I came for the salvation of the world.



“I came for the salvation of the world” to me, it means that I came to see everyone’s innocence, including my own. Guilt is the ticket to this dream. It comes from believing separation is real. The ego’s purpose for the world is to make separation seem real and keep it in place. Because it is impossible for separation to be real, this is a meaningless purpose.


The only meaningful purpose could be to let go of this illusion and let my mind be returned to full awareness of the Heaven that is my Home. Salvation’s message is that I am dreaming a dream and that its content is not true. As I am willing to let go of the arrogance of the ego, the truth is there for me to know and understand. 


It is arrogant to insist that this world of separation that my body’s eyes show me is real because it is the denial of God’s Will. Eternal Love, which is all of totality, cannot conceive loss, lack, or death. It is my purpose now to let these false images go and let go of belief that separation is real. As I awaken to the full recognition that I remain Love as God created me, I become the salvation of the world. That is what I came for in truth. That is how I return Home. 


Behind the ego’s false lies is the eternal, changeless Love of God. It is my purpose to return to this awareness. It is my purpose to accept the truth. As I let go of false values, I see that only truth is real. I want only truth because it is my true identity. I came for the salvation of the world. I came to let go of arrogance and receive and give the truth.


The very first time I went through the lessons in the Workbook, Some of the lessons totally confused me. The more and more I spent time with the Holy Spirit in quiet reflection I finally learned the importance of each Workbook lesson. This lesson, “I came for the salvation of the world.”  It is my purpose to return to awareness. I want only the truth because it is my true identity. I came for the salvation of the world. Each year when I go through the Workbook Lessons I always receive Guidance from the Holy Spirit in different ways to meet me where I am. I also keep a Workbook Journal to write down what the Holy Spirit spoke to me. 



Wishing each of you the Deepest Peace, 




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