Insights By: Ryan Westbrook-Vigue

Workbook Lesson: 300 Insights 

Only an instant does this world endure.  




Lesson 300


Only an instant does this world endure.



In today’s lesson I am being gently guided to let go of my insane belief of separation and individuality. I have wandered from the truth of my real Identity. As I quiet my mind and let go of my insane beliefs about the world of time and space, I go beyond them to the eternal Presence of peace, love, and joy. I become willing to acknowledge God as my only Source. I can let this world of pain, suffering, and death go in an instant. I do this through forgiveness. Holding onto the images of this world and insisting on their reality is just an unwillingness to accept my Self as God created me. It is impossible to have a separate identity without having to defend its form, protect it against intrusion and change. Therefore complete forgiveness means that I let go of the demand for a separate identity and welcome God’s Love, given equally to all. 


His Love is always offered. It waits only on my welcome. In this moment of welcome, fear is undone and peace returns to my awareness. I remember that I am God’s extension of His Love. All this returns to me with the one decision to accept my Self as God created me. Only an instant does this world endure. 



Wishing each of you the Deepest Peace, 




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