Insights By: Ryan Westbrook-Vigue

Workbook Lesson: 293 Insights 

All fear is past and only love is here.


Lesson 293


All fear is past and only love is here. 





“There is a real world which the present holds safe from all past mistakes.” “Let not Your holy world escape my sight today.” The Holy Spirit will show me the real world, where only Love is real. The Holy Spirit will show me the real world, underneath the sounds of fear. Today I open my mind to see the real world. I open my mind to recognize that all fear is past and only Love is here. Today I will practice holding The Holy Spirit’s hand, showing me the difference between the unreal and the real. The Holy Spirit will show me the Love that I am in a way that I can recognize and accept. Show me that the past and the fear are gone and only Love is here. I will let my mind be healed today. 


And So It Is. 



Time was made by the ego as a mechanism for the mind to use to try to hold onto the past. The ego is trying to say that the past exists and can influence the present. This is the basis for maintaining guilt. In the thought system of time, the past is always lurking, ready to project on the present to hide it so that fear of the future can be maintained. If I did not retain the past in my mind through the belief in time, there would be no memory of the past to feel guilty about. If I experience anything less than perfect peace, I have forgotten that the past is gone. I am holding the past in my mind and overlaying it on the present so that I cannot see Love that is there. 


In the ego thought system, the present moment is always avoided, either by projecting into the future or covering up the present with projections from what is believed to be the still real past. The ego cannot exist in the present, where only Love is found. 


Letting go of the past is what the Course calls forgiveness. Grievances are always about the past. When the past is gone from my mind, there can be no grievances. Most grievances are held in the unconscious. I may go through many days feeling pretty good, but then somebody says or does the “wrong” thing one too many times and the grievance raises its angry head. It shows me that forgiveness was needed. Some part of my mind had set a limit on how many offenses it would accept before it would complain. Unconsciously I was keeping a tally sheet, and when the threshold was crossed, the anger or resentment rose to the surface. One obstacle to peace that I have needed continual help with from The Holy Spirit is anger. It’s no secret among the MiraclesOne family that I’ve had an anger problem in the past that is continually a work in progress. I could put blame on my earthly father for showing me by example that having a raging temper and bringing that past into existence was how to handle grievances. However, I have a choice to believe in a past where grievances are held, allow my peace to be disturbed, and let the rage roll or I can chooseanother way. 


One way I’ve tried is to try ignoring it and hoping it will all go away. This self-deception will seem to work until the next one comes along who says or does “something wrong” one too many times. Then I discover nothing really changed. My other option is to bring the grievance to The Holy Spirit, honestly and openly. I don’t need to hide from the grievance. I do need to acknowledge its presence in my mind and then turn it over to The Holy Spirit. If I release it fully into His hands with an open mind, His Light will show me the basis for release. I will see that where I thought there was harm, nothing had occurred. I will recognize the call for Love in the behavior of another and in myself. 


I may still find grievances coming to the surface because I have not recognized what makes all grievances the same, and so I must practice bringing each grievance as it appears to The Holy Spirit. Gradually I will see the sameness in them all, until at last forgiveness is complete and I see the real world shining in the reflection of God’s Love and I am ready to accept God’s hand as He reaches to me to draw me into the Heaven of His Heart. 



Wishing each of you The Deepest Peace,





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