Lesson 281


I can only be hurt by my thoughts.



My thoughts bring experiences. When I join with the ego all that I can experience is separation, pain, loss, and lack. The thought of being separated from God brings experiences of separation, pain, and death. The Holy Spirit gave me this thought this morning. The ego thought system could be looked at like one of the fun-house mirrors that project distorted images of yourself when there looked into. The ego can give luster to all those false distorted images of illusions, but when looked at clearly the ego only brings pain and death. 


I can choose again. I can choose to align myself with The Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit brings happiness and eternal peace. The Holy Spirit is always by my side to gently guide me in returning my thoughts to the Thoughts I think with God. When I know the path to lasting peace and joy, why would I knowingly want to hurt myself? Why would I want to choose pain? The peace, love, and joy are my inheritance. In truth I am one with God. His Thoughts are Love and nothing else. The thoughts I think with God must be Love and nothing else. Love can only bless and with blessing comes gratitude and gratitude stirs the desire to share God’s Love and Peace.


I open my mind and heart today to experience His joy and peace. I remember I am Love. “I can be hurt by nothing but my thoughts.”



Wishing each of you the Deepest Peace,




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