In all of these lessons, as I have related in my previous collections of lessons here in Part II, we are to caress the words in our hearts and minds.

Lesson 273 – The stillness of the peace of God is mine. 

We welcome the sunrise of stillness as our minds come to rest in the serenity of God. What can mere words express with each of these daily practices. Therefore, I share a sentence or two to recount what transferred from the words of the exercises to my mind. They are blessings as a soothing balm to my soul. What do you receive as you practice these lessons? I’d love to hear from you!

Lesson 274 – Today belongs to love. Let me not fear

Trust in God affords my security. 

Lesson 275 – God’s healing Voice protects all things today. 

As I bend an ear to His Voice, I perceive His sure protection always. 

Lesson 276 – The Word of God is given me to speak. 

Once I ignore the endless chatter in the mind, that is of my ego of course. I can hear the Voice of God extol His Love. It is this I impart on my companions present in the world. 

Lesson 277 – Let me not bind Your Son with laws I made. 

If I am unlimited as God create me, then so are my mighty companions. The law are laws of the ego that imprison me from my True Liberation in God. 

Lesson 278 – If I am bound, my Father is not free. 

As with the previous lesson, I may hold fast to the idea of imprisonment. But why should I when the treasures of God are mine. The highest treasure is that of freedom. 

Lesson 279 – Creation’s freedom promises my own. 

Each lesson unfolds before the covenant between God and I. It is in the holy instant that I embrace this covenant of benevolence. 

Lesson 280 – What limits can I lay upon God’s Son? 

In my busy doings through the day, I believe I “run out of time.” What I run out of is the belief of Heaven in the present. 

Lesson 281 – I can be hurt by nothing but my thoughts. 

My forgetfulness is my Achilles Heel and that the ego comprehends and uses as a weapon against me. Yet as I remember that I chose to feel the hurt and I can elect to experience the love. 

Lesson 282 – I will not be afraid of love today. 

If I cower in fear in regard to love, then the ego has won. There is no fear when it comes to God. My Creator is not my punisher, only the ego suggests as such. Love is mine to embrace. 

Lesson 283 – My true Identity abides in You. 

For decades we have been fascinated with super heroes. These super heroes walk the world as we do but know that they possess their super powers of strength and compassion. We are all super heroes and we all can save the world by remembering our True Identity. 

Lesson 284 – I can elect to change all thoughts that hurt. 

Pain is impossible if I am cognizant of what God has bestowed upon me. All pain simply vanishes. 

Lesson 285 – My holiness shines bright and clear today. 

Joy is in my heart today as I awake with the Song of Christ. I feel the Light within me and the holiness is mine and always. 

Lesson 286 – The hush of Heaven holds my heart today. 

A precious gift is given as it is spoken by the Voice of Love to me. Be still my heart! Await in joyful expectation! 

Lesson 287 – You are my goal, my Father. Only You. 

Point me in the direction of Heaven, and I will gladly soar to the Highest Heights of His Embrace. 

Lesson 288 – Let me forget my brother’s past today. 

This lesson arrives at a time when I feel betrayed and wronged by someone here in the world. I see their “true colors” as the world would say. In God, the only color is that of purity.  

Lesson 289 – The past is over. It can touch me not. 

I do not wish to look at the past. God is, and then I cease to speak. 

Lesson 290 – My present happiness is all I see. 

What do my eyes see? A world of duality. What do I see with Christ Vision? All of Eternity. 

Lesson 291 – This is a day of stillness and of peace. 

Christ vision shows me a forgiven world transformed by an arc of golden light showing the holiness of all. 

Lesson 292 – A happy outcome to all things is sure. 

The Happy Guarantee is bequeathed to us. Trust is the foundation of accepting this guarantee. Always return to trust.  

Lesson 293 – All fear is past and only love is here. 

Today, as I showed our study group the ACIM documentary from the late 90s, what impacted me this time viewing it was the story of Helen’s dream with the scroll. The middle panel said “God is.” The left panel was the past and the right panel was the future. She stopped with the center panel. I, too, stop looking to the past or future to satisfy me. God in the present is all I require. 

Lesson 294 – My body is a wholly neutral thing. 

Simply, I am a Son of God. There is nothing else to be or to attain. I invest in love for that is my Identity in God. 

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