Insights By: Ryan Westbrook-Vigue

Workbook Lesson: 262

Let me perceive no differences today.



Lesson 262


Let me perceive no differences today.


How many times do I overlook the sameness in my brother and sister and only see our differences? This lesson is right on time for me today. After reading and meditating on this lesson this morning The Holy Spirit guided my mind to situations over the past few days at times when I didn’t view or see the sameness in a situation or in my brother or sister. At first this led me to overwhelming guilt. I immediately placed that guilt on the Alter and opened up to healing and transformation. I was then able to look at the times when I had opportunities to see sameness and I chose to see only the differences. I was able to turn all this over to The Holy Spirit to help me see the learning opportunities in each of these situations in which the learning opportunities came in different forms, but the content is always the same. 


Todays lesson reminded me of the Oneness that is in every one of my brothers and sisters. The difference I see in another can only be of the ego, fore The Holy Spirit only sees Unity and Oneness in His Creation. Differences only bring conflict and how can there be any conflict in what is the same?


“Let me not see him as a stranger to his Father, nor as stranger to myself.” I am reminded that we are all the same. I only need to look with The Holy Spirit to aide me in seeing past the meaningless to only see the meaningful; the oneness past the any perceived differences. 


When I see only the oneness in my brother and sister I can only experience peace. There is no conflict in what is the same. In this oneness “We would come home, and rest in unity. For there is peace, and nowhere else can peace be sought and found.” It is my prayer that I only see what is the same. “Let me perceive no differences today.”

Wishing each of you the Deepest Peace,







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