Insights By: Ryan Westbrook-Vigue

Workbook Lesson: 247

Without forgiveness I will still be blind. 




Lesson 247


Without forgiveness I will still be blind. 


Every moment of every day is a choice. Do I want loneliness and isolation of a separate identity or do I want the joy and communion identifying with All That is? Belief in being separated from Love is an attack on Love because it is a denial of unity. Forgiveness is letting go of the ego, which is the idea that separation could be possible. 


As long as I identify with the ego thought system of being a separate identity, I cannot see the unity that Christ’s vision shows me. I only hang on to the ego because I think it has meaning and gives me meaning. Yet what is nothing is truly nothing and cannot give meaning. It has nothing to give. When I identify with the ego, I identify with nothing. 


What The Holy Spirit offers is joy beyond belief, a deep peace that cannot be disturbed, and a sense of Love that cannot be experienced in a world of separation. The Holy Spirit is eternal and changeless. 


In valuing the nothingness of the ego, I am blind to the gifts every brothers and sisters have to offer me because of What he is in Truth. That is why it is so very important to check-in with The Holy Spirit to become centered to continuing your day looking through the eyes of Christ. Asking The Holy Spirit for His Light to show me what is truly valuable and what is valueless.


Today I will practice and apply mentally taking off the blindfold and telling each brother and sister I meet or think of “My brother or sister, I share God’s unity with you. We are one in God.” Today I will not identify with the ego because in doing that I am at opposite with my goal of meeting each brother and sister with unity and love. 


The Course asks me again and again to see past my brothers’ and sisters’ separate identity to the Light of God which lies behind it. The Course also reminds me to see the Light in my brothers and sisters again and again, reminding me the truth about myself. Without remembering the truth, I am blind and wandering around in the wilderness in search of safety. 


Wishing each of you the Deepest Peace,




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