Lesson 255 – This day I choose to spend in perfect peace.

I can choose peace today or anytime at all. Will I choose it is the question? I know for me keeping peace as my one goal or outcome, it will never escape me.

Lesson 256 – God is the only goal I have today.

As with yesterday’s lesson, be it peace or God as the goal, they are one in the same. As I deal with everyday situations and relationships, I know that forgiveness is always the key.

In a recent situation with a friend, I stepped back before speaking whenever I found some inconsistencies and concerning aspects we needed to speak on. Of course the ego speaks first and loudly in its attempt to criticize but by my stepping back I could see the way of peace. Forgive their errors, yet speak calmly and confidently about the needs I had with no negative criticism. This is the way to God.

Lesson 257 – Let me remember what my purpose is.

With this lesson today, it is another reminder that forgiveness is my purpose here. Not just the experiences I have in the world, but forgiving my belief in the world and what I have come to know as this identity. I cannot serve God if I am focused on the ego identity. I recall the truth of whom I am and step forward in service to the Sonship.

Lesson 258 – Let me remember that my goal is God.

Again in this lesson, the reminder that God is the goal. These lessons are the mind-training to overlook all that the ego whispers, or you can say, screams at me on a daily basis. Thank you ego, but no thank you. My goal is Love, Peace and the Joy of God, i.e. God Himself. Each step I take in my mind leads me there or not, it’s always up to me.

Lesson 259 – Let me remember that there is no sin.

Fear is the trap. Love is my freedom. Do I wish to see the darkness or the light? This is why we question every value that we hold. Will it serve us? And here by the word “value”, it can be a thought, belief, a stance, an opinion, and so forth. Will I cling onto it tightly? Will I allow Holy Spirit to show me another way? How much is it worth to me? Peace is the abundance I am seeking.

P.S. Listen to my Living the Lessons podcast episode for this lesson as I expanded a little more on what I wrote here. See link below.

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