Lesson 226


My home awaits me. I will hasten there. 


I am a classically trained opera mezzo-tenor and pianist. I remember growing up singing lines to songs like, “Heaven is my Home,” This is just what Heaven means to me,” and “The Holy hills of Home are calling me.” While the styles of the songs I sing in my Spiritual practice have changed, I still sing some of the same tunes, though I’ve adjusted the lyrics, so it aligns a little more with my practices. All the songs have a central theme though, how my Home is waiting for me and today’s lesson speaks of my glad return Home.”


It helps me some years to read, practice, and apply this lesson in the form of an allegory or (a type of dream I am in.) Sometimes I feel like I am in a labyrinth and at the very center of this labyrinth is Heaven and my Father waiting in a beautiful garden for me. The ego tells me that all I have to do is make my way through the labyrinth to reach my Home, Heaven, and my Father. The ego forgot to mention all the illusions that the labyrinth held that I would have to distinguish between falsity and truth. I search and search for different ways through the labyrinth, but to no avail. I always wind up just where I started. I am always confused by the illusions of the labyrinth and I become disheartened, until I remember to choose peace, stillness, and silence. As I begin to be silent and listen to The Holy Spirit I begin to receive Guidance. It is in my thoughts that the real release from labyrinth lies. When I change my mind of the purpose of the labyrinth and I see that it’s value is to lead me to the Father and to Heaven do I see the way to the center of the labyrinth, to my Father, and to Heaven. My Father waits for me in the center of the labyrinth in Joy and Gladness for my return. When I enter the Gates of that beautiful garden I can hear my Father gladly calling my name to come to Him with His arms wide open. There is no longer any need for me to linger in this chaotic labyrinth, “when Heaven can be easily mine.”  


Wishing each of you the Deepest Peace,



Insights By: Ryan Westbrook-Vigue

Workbook Lesson: 226

My home awaits me. I will hasten there.


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