It can be but myself I crucify.
It can be but my gratitude I earn.
Only my condemnation injures me.

In these three lessons. we come to own self-responsibility for our thoughts and beliefs. Whenever we project outward, it is always a reflection of our own mind. So if I am critical of another, I am criticizing myself. If I offer blessing to another, I receive that same blessing. If I condemn, I am only condemning myself. In this we are learning our true interconnectedness. We think we think these thoughts alone, but again and again Jesus assures us, “there are no private thoughts.” We cannot be separate from one another no matter how hard we want to believe we are in opposition to another, be it another person or a political party or stance.

We all truly desire the same, peace in our lives. We may not know how to express it with words, but within, it is our heart’s desire. We have different ways to go about bringing that peace, especially the ones who focus on that satisfaction externally, but the desire is still the same. When we realize deep down we are all the same, we can come to the core of who we are. It brings understanding into our awareness.

I know this for myself when I think of those I have experienced conflict in the past. Whether it be a solution to a problem, a slate wiped clean, or a compassion expressed. We prefer kindness and gentleness over outrageous demonstrations. Our hearts hurt and need mended. We as ACIM students can understand this and allow the healing to mend the soul. We can offer love to our brothers instead of condemnation and criticism. Doing so does not say we do not have our beliefs or preferences on a single issue, but it shows us that love is more powerful than hatred.

May we all remember this as we practice our lessons daily. We are doing this for ourselves, yet for everyone here no matter who or what they are. In this we find our perfect freedom.

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