“I want the peace of God.”

Yes—sometimes I do. For example, yesterday I not only wanted it, but felt it. It wasn’t that anything special happened; I simply felt peaceful and at ease—that is, until I was told that the place where I’m moving to may not be ready for a while. Then, I allowed peace to flee, replacing it with all sorts of anxious thoughts. It’s still there, however, patiently waiting for me to claim it.

“Salvation of the world depends on me.”

I used to think that this idea was not only ridiculous, for how could the whole world’s salvation hinge on me—but also arrogant; I’m just one person. How could the world’s release hang on what I think or do? Now, slowly, I’m accepting that there is no one else; I’m a part of the whole of God’s One Creation, not apart from it, so that when I’m released by letting go of fearful and unloving thoughts and acts, all is released.


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