LESSON 196-It can be but myself I crucify.

Keys to this Lesson

When we can come to understand the statement made by today’s lesson then we will never attempt to harm or attack ourselves again.
With today’s practice we can see the foolish attempts that the ego makes to continue its lies.
We need to teach our mind that we are not the ego.
In today’s idea we will see the light of resurrection as we look past all thoughts of crucifixion and of death.
We look at liberation and life!
We are stepping out of the bondage to freedom.
We have believed that God is our enemy and that we are separate from Him.
Now we can come to know we are one with Him and there is nothing to fear.
There is no need for punishment.
We are strong and not weak in Him.
Call on Him to save you from illusions today.
Let His Love advance you away from fear to Him.
Our minds can try to crucify us but His Love saves us.


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