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“If “”I walk with God in perfect holiness””, I am not separate from Him, and thus there can be no sin.  Sin gives rise to guilt, which causes the fear that leads to the making of the world as a defense.  All such insanity can disappear in an instant – a central them in ACIM and the basis of forgiveness:  If a thought has no effect, it cannot be a cause.  If it is not a cause, it cannot exist.  The only way the sin of separation can be real is if it has effects.  Therefore, being with God means there is no separation and sin has no effect.  It thus does not exist and the Son of God is forever guiltless – no sin, no guilt.”

In sharing on a few sentences in the fourth paragraph (4), he writes:

“Jesus is writing as a poet, his words obviously not intended to be taken literally, but as a beautiful metaphoric rendering of what the world will be when we realize we are not of it – a place of loving gratitude for the light we have brought to the Sonship still believing in darkness.”

“The reason people are drawn to ACIM, regardless of what they may do with it afterwards, is that they sense the presence of light shining through its words.  This is what calls to people, even to those who do not understand it.  They feel a presence that is not of this world, and therein lies their hope.”

“When we step back and understand our world rests on the belief that sin and separation are real, we realize that Jesus is telling us not to take anything here seriously.  This does not mean we turn our backs on the world – it is a classroom in which we yet must learn – nor does it mean denying it or making believe we are not bodies.  Jesus simple says:  “Do not let anything in this world come between you and me.  If it does, it is not because of the thing itself, but your fear of losing your individuality through my love,  That unfounded fear is what caused you to accept the world in place of me.””

“Yet when we step with Jesus outside the dream of sin, we perceive its silliness, for our forgiveness has allowed us to remember our Cause, in Whose Presence the sin that is the dream’s cause merely disappears.”

“The world can bind us only to the extent we choose to let it have that power.  When the mind withdraws the power, the world and body lose all ability to imprison us.  This is the healing role of the miracle – releasing us from a sinful past that never happened in reality:  and thus its painful effects are gone as well.”

“As we start our journey by taking Jesus’ hand, we become afraid, and as a defense we seek to resurrect a past of pain, guilt and specialness that is no longer there.  Moreover, we seek to pretend we are here when we truly are not, the ego’s basic fear.  We intuit that following ACIM as it is written, and as Jesus is guiding us, means we will lose our physical and psychological self.”

“to ensure that the ego’s inevitable scenario does not happen, we bring Jesus into the dream to reinforce its reality and our own.  That is why he reminds us in The Gifts of God that he is “not a dream that comes in mockery.” (p.121).



“Who walks with me?”

Maybe I will consider asking myself throughout the day.

I am slowly realizing how attached I am to my identity.

It plays out in my work, perfectionism appears to reign.  Having to do all the accounting work I do for our company to perfection, always balancing to the penny.  Getting everything to our CPA for processing, etc.  That’s an attachment to being highly regarded for my attention to detail and precision.

In our home…I am not fastidious, but I do obsess about keeping things neat and tidy and, also, moderately clean.  If I don’t, I feel guilty.

I obsess about our lawn.  I mow it, Bill normally does it every third time or so, and even though our backyard isn’t an acre, it feels like one.  It’s large and on a slight incline so in really hot and humid weather, WHEW!, I can dread every swipe.  Ah, but it has to look beautiful and even though it does, I am almost “OCD” about it, kidding, and I don’t mean to be disrespect here at all.  It’s just what I feel as if I really know what it’s like to obsessive-compulsive disorder.

It plays out everywhere, having to have my hair look buttoned down, neat and not disheveled, you know, all that “vanity” stuff some of us struggle with, I know I do.

And on and on it goes.

Denying all of this mess serves no purpose, I want to look at it without judgment and that’s where Jesus comes in.

No use to look at it with extreme criticism or condemnation, that’s ego.

And the inclination for me is to re-bury it or suppress it or go to an addiction like obsess about when I will mow or do business work, whatever would keep me from accepting the Love I am.

OK, enough about me!

I love this lesson.

Shorter, sweet and so soothing.  The fourth paragraph reads like a meditation.

I will keep it in mind and heart today.

Have a blessed day!



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