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Moving forward, I will just begin with Ken’s thoughts with no need to tell you that, OK?


“The word ministers is not used very often in ACIM – in fact it is not found at all in the text or manual – and the central discussion of that concept is found here and I n the preceding lesson.  Again, by ministers of God Jesus means teachers of God – a phrase reserved for the manual for teachers – whose function is to accept the Atonement for themselves.  In that sense the lesson parallels “The Special Function” (T-25.VI).”

“As I frequently say, when you learn and practice ACIM, never let its non-dualistic metaphysics get too far away from you.  If you do, you will fail to recognize Jesus is talking to you on the only level you can understand and accept, and will therefore think he speaks literal truth to you.  However, if you remember that everything is an illusion, including the “happy game” of forgiveness Jesus described in the previous lesson, you will realize he speaks metaphorically.”

“However, it is essential again, to understand that Jesus is talking to us on the level with which we identify.  It would be senseless for him to do otherwise.  Thus, as we have already seen, his course uses the language of duality – the condition in which we think we live.  A “oneness joined as one” – a non-dualistic statement – is meaningless to us.”

“Remember as you go through this lesson that Jesus is addressing the content, shared by our one mind, though its expression in form obviously differs for each of us.”

“The only message we are to bring to the world is that the separation never happened:  the Love of God remains what it is, forever unassailed by the ego’s thought system.  However, I cannot deliver that message unless I have first accepted it, because we are talking about content, not form.  It is not words that bring the message, however brilliant they may be, but the love with which I deliver it.  Yet I cannot have love without accepting the Atonement.  Therefore, if I am really serious about wanting to be of help in the world, I need not worry about it nor to whom I should be helpful.  My concern is only about being helpful to myself, which means asking Jesus to help me correct my misperceptions and misthoughts, realizing I was wrong and he was right.  Once the ego is out of the way, his love flows through me, and any word I say or thing I do is inevitably filled with that love.”

“If you want to teach this course on forgiveness, you need to learn it.  That is the meaning of :  “And yet you wait to give the messages you have received.  And so you do not know that they are yours, and you do not recognize them.”  Teaching ACIM has nothing to do with spouting its metaphysics, or preaching its message.  The Course is taught by saying to someone in your mind and your heart:  “Your sins are forgiven, for you and I are not separate.”  Yet there is no way you can teach that message without exemplifying it through giving up investment in judgment.  Joining with the Thought of love that comes from outside the dream is the only way to learn your dream had no effect.  You thus remember your Self, and from that memory Its Love is freely given, for it has been totally received.”

“There is still work for you to do:  to be ever vigilant for the ego and its specialness, asking Jesus to help you look at them through his gently forgiving eyes, so you do not judge others or yourself.”

“If you want to know ACIM is true, Jesus’ love a reality, and you are one with God, you must give up your investment in the principle of one or the other.  If you want to know giving and receiving are the same and there is no losing or winning, you must practice throughout the day to be aware of how often you choose one or the other as your reigning principle.  When you want your judgments and specialness to be true, you know you have chosen the ego’s thought system as your own. Therefore, the way to make the wonderful thoughts in this lesson true for you is to see how much you do not want to learn this lesson.  Realize, then, the tremendous cost of basing your life on the principle of one or the other, for it will not bring you peace, but as much pain as it brings to all who follow the ego.  Renouncing this principle in favor of the Holy Spirit’s giving and receiving are the same is the key to finding the happiness you seek.”



Whew, I went on and on, now didn’t I?

I found this lesson very helpful.  I clearly have misunderstood its message over the years.

I don’t have to preach to anyone, I don’t have to mention ACIM to anyone.  I don’t have to offer advice or counsel, I just need do nothing, but accept the Atonement.  Period.

Rev. Deb’s post this morning is an excellent one as is Mari’s although the latter posted on yesterday’s lesson.

What difference does it make?

The lessons are, essentially, all the same in content.

Jesus states in the sixth review that if any of us practiced and applied just one lesson among the 365, we’d be all set in achieving the Atonement, this is crudely paraphrased, OK?

But, lately, I have thought over and over about “My thoughts are meaningless”, a very early lesson, not sure which one, doesn’t matter, 10 maybe?

Anyhow, when I remember that throughout the day, I find I don’t get so stuck, so frozen in fear.

Bill and I are off to a wedding this weekend, it’s a perfunctory thing, but I can change my mind about this, it’s business-related.  An expensive affair with airfare, hotel, rental car, gift and the expectations for gifts today and the repertoire of items on a registry are not the same as even 10 years ago.

Weddings cost mega bucks and this one is fancy, black tie optional, etc.

You see what I am doing right now?

Judging, making statements.

You see how insidious the ego can be?


Hmmm….a lot of food for thought.

How subtle judgment can be!  How subtle and “deadly” to my mind!

I shall be vigilant today, ha, more vigilant than I just demonstrated!

Have a blessed day!



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