Good Morning!

Well, rain is forecasted today, yet again.  Challenging to stay on top of mowing our lawn.  Oh well…

I’ll share a few of Ken’s thoughts before I do my own.  Here goes:

“We are thus not asked to deny our experiences, but to deny what we thank they are.”

“Jesus thus clarifies that the problem is not its form.  The fact that we want the problem is the problem, for our desire establishes the ego as real.”

“Note one more time Jesus’ continual return to the problem of motivation:  What makes the lesson’s simplicity so difficult to understand is the unwillingness to give up our false self.”

“As you work with the Course, it is essential that you not bring God, the Holy Spirit, or anything spiritual into the world or body.  Indeed, as we have seen, the body was made specifically to conceal the spiritual that is beyond the world.  The only “spiritual” thing here is seeing the world as a classroom in which we learn, from the Teacher in our minds, that the world is illusory.  That is its only purpose, for there is nothing inherently spiritual about the material.”

“Our belief is that we can see what God did not create.  The problem is not just that we see pain and disease, but that we believe we see, think, and feel.  Our perceptions, thoughts, and feelings are part of the same illusion.  Equating arrogance with littleness, and humility with magnitude, Jesus asks us not to let the world detract from awareness of our true glory.”

“I made the world, I am the dreamer of the dream, and therefore I can choose to change with whom and what I am dreaming.  It is I who ultimately choose to change from dreaming to awakening to reality, thus fulfilling the function of the miracle.”

“Our humility, once again, says to Jesus:  “You are right and I am wrong, for which I am eternally grateful.  Nothing can make me happier than to know I was wrong about everything.”

Where Jesus states, “Their arrogance has been perceived”, paragraph 10, sentence 4, Ken writes:

“This is the arrogance of thinking I understand what makes me and other ticks, what makes me happy and unhappy, what is holy and unholy, and what will bring me home to God – all this is but the ego’s arrogance, which we look at through the vision of truth and humility.”


“When we wake in the morning, “we think of truth alone.”  On a practical level this means we think of truth’s reflection, because “truth alone” means I am not even here.  Reflecting truth means I gladly awake to a full day of lessons, wherein I learn with a Teacher Who will instruct me to the extent I bring to Him my experiences.  He will help me understand their meaning; specifically, that I had carefully structured my day to prove I was right and God wrong, and that I exist as an individual but with someone else held responsible.  The Holy Spirit helps me realize I made this up as a defense against my mind’s thoughts system of guilt, which was made to defend against remembering the love that is my eternal reality.

My day, thus, becomes a happy one – regardless of the circumstances awaiting me – because of the lessons I can learn.  I need not be aware of non-dualistic truth, but simply aware of the Holy Spirit’s reflection of that truth:  shared instead of separate interests.  That is my Father’s Will for me in the dream, the means of remembering His Will for me in Heaven.”

I’ll close there, that is, with Ken’s thoughts.



This power I have to choose is slowly sinking into my thought process.

Slowly, I emphasize.

And I resist all the time.  At least now, I am aware of this digging into stubbornness and specialness.

Release all self-concepts, WOW!

Just to take it by the moment and to observe my thoughts, reactions, feelings.

How habitual so many of them are.

SO many defense mechanisms that I can so easily accuse others of demonstrating.

No guilt in this as I work through it.

We are NOT sinners.

We are beloved.

Have a lovely day!



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