(155) I will step back and let Him lead the way. 
(156) I walk with God in perfect holiness. 
(157) Into His Presence would I enter now. 
(158) Today I learn to give as I receive. 
(159) I give the miracles I have received. 
(160) I am at home. Fear is the stranger here. 

To miss writing about these does not mean I have not practiced these review lessons. As I frequently say, it is in the practice where we will find the experience of God and the healing of our mind. Interestingly enough, I have had my own “lessons” with the above.

Our friend and long-time ACIM Teacher, Jon Mundy visited us here in Madison and presented two workshops on Friday night and Saturday morning. I listened to Jon as I have always done over the years, always looking for what I can take away and use in my own life.

One thought Jon shared was all too often we say, “God help me” as we expect Him to swoop in like Superman and make all things set aright. Granted Holy Spirit does assist us here in the world, but we have to remember that we have the power of Love within us and we turn this phrase around to a question, “God, how can I help?” That is, how can I be truly helpful?

When I step back and let Spirit lead the way, this is being helpful to others. How? I experienced this on Thursday when Paul, our daughter and I had a conflict situation occur with miscommunication and misunderstanding. The details of the story do not matter as they would only be enforcing the conflict. I will not lie, it was not a pretty picture that unfolded at first.

In my mind, I chose “peace first.” I was the one that insisted we solve the conflict peacefully as I kept tuning in to Spirit as what to say and what to do. It is upsetting when conflict happens and at first I was knocked off my peace. Yet, I continued to speak calmly and surely, to invoke hopefully a peaceful outcome.

At first, we ended up all leaving the room to lick our wounds, you could say. I questioned Spirit if I had done what He would have me do. He assured me that I had.

The next morning, we sat down together and apologized to one another for the chaos that had ensued. And was it an accident Jon was arriving that afternoon? I think not.

As I enter into peace, I give this peace away. I felt I had accomplished that. When I walk with God, I always walk with holiness. Fear and clinging onto our perceptions is what makes us a stranger to peace.

These lessons certainly proved helpful as I remember to be present, to trust in the Holy Spirit, to step back and allow things to be as they are.

On Friday morning, I taught a session in an ongoing class called “Peaceful Weight Loss & Wellness.” The main goal of this class is to focus on learning to nurture ourselves from the inside out. It is not necessarily an ACIM class. However, in essence do we not always teach the principles of ACIM wherever we go?

In this particular session our topic was Self-Compassion. We listen too much, as you know, to our inner critic. We shared on this idea and we experienced a heartfelt meditation in offering love and blessings to ourselves in self-compassion and extending that compassion to others as well. As we offer these sentiments silently in our mind, we are truly extending love. We can do this anywhere we are, in fact you can do this now.

Take a deep breath and allow someone to come to mind, either a friend or foe, or yourself, use that first name that comes to mind. Offer happiness, wellness, safety and peace. Especially offer kindness and acceptance of oneself. Give yourself and them the blessing of the Father. Acknowledge their Truth and then hold them in sacred peace. Breathe and let yourself feel this gift given and received.

You can only be receiving blessing in return.

Mishaps happen as it is a part of life. But you also have Spirit to lead the way.

Love and blessings to you!

Rev. Deb

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