I am at home. Fear is the stranger here.

At one time or another we all feel we do not belong. It could be in a group, a family, a workplace, an organization or a gathering. What we are feeling is this lesson. We feel as strangers in a strange land. Certainly I have felt out of place many times in my life. It’s that feeling though that has led me and you to A Course in Miracles. We see the world differently, you and I, and that’s why we feel the way we do. The rest of the world is just seemingly blissfully unaware.

This reminds me of the movie, The Matrix. There are those who see the world differently and come to find Morpheus, who then offers us the opportunity to see the truth. The truth is ACIM coming into our lives, that is the proverbial red pill as we witnessed in the movie. The truth may seem hard to swallow but it is the truth. This world is an illusion and we have every reason to feel out of place because it is not our real Home.

Our eyes are now open. We know the truth. We feel the truth. Yet at times we wish to still be unaware. We push the knowledge aside as to never know what God created. But it pops up, we glimpse it and finally we desire more glimpses. We desire peace instead of what we experience. This is when we make the choice to listen to the Voice for God assure us that what God created is eternal, free and forever joined with Him.


Rev. Deb


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