I give the miracles I have received.

“You recognize your brother as yourself, and thus do you perceive that you are whole.”

As we journey this life, we do happen upon those individuals that test our patience. They seem to disappear and move on, yet that same personality appears once again. We have it and I have it too. I know for me sometimes it creates great ire in me. For me this typical personality usually revolves around deceit, dishonesty, abuse (physically, emotionally and etc., of kindness, of generosity, of system, and of etc.), facade, inconsistency, irrationality, disloyalty, and after all this claims of victimhood if any of these are discovered and carried out to the light of day.

Yes, this is the personality I have to recall in my mind to offer the miracle (a shift from fear to love). This does not mean I have to stay in the presence of these personalities but it does mean I have to do my own inner work on forgiveness and seeing all as the Christ. They are my savior and will lead me Home. The item here to remember is I do not have to prove my forgiveness “strength” if you will, by remaining in this personality’s presence. I can move on and still be silent, safe and secure in the Holy Spirit. Boundaries still help us here in the world to offer some shelter from the storm. Jesus wants us to feel safe and heal at our own pace. We do not have to suffer a crucifixion by others. That was the last useless journey if you recall.

And isn’t this personality either reminding us of ourselves or of fears we do not want to recall? Mine goes back in time. It creates triggers for me of PTSD here in the world. Yet it doesn’t have to do so. I can remember the light and warmth and kindly care Christ’s charity provides (as Jesus tells us). We can love ourselves enough to welcome healing into our mind. We are on the path and so are all our brothers. We are not perfect and neither are they. We are all here trying to find our way home. If we remember just this, we can open our mind to true forgiveness.

In the light of forgiveness, miracles occur and we can bless others with the same. Will circumstances change and you be once again in the personality’s presence? It could or it could not. No one is to say what individualized curriculum leads your journey. Only the Holy Spirit has that say. Be open, be willing and you will accept each miracle into your heart.


Rev. Deb


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