We are all ministers of God as Jesus tells us. We are all called, yet will we listen? Here in the world it seems we need ministers and teachers to serve in the capacity they do. Ministers officiate weddings. It’s what the world does and it must be done legally and that minister needs to go through a prescribed program to do so. (Instant ordinations aren’t always legal in all 50 states here in the US.) Teachers help to facilitate personal and spiritual growth.

In the past, MiraclesOne had offered a ministerial program to assist ACIM students to do so. We no longer offer this program. Currently, I am creating a facilitator program which I feel will be most beneficial and fill a needed service. We always support and encourage our ministers, teachers and students to expand, grow and spread their wings.

Too often I have heard from students a sense of unworthiness in relation to accepting a function as a minister of the world—ordained or not. We are all here to demonstrate God’s Love and we know this as we study ACIM. You learn this each day as you practice the lessons and choose the miracle in forgiveness opportunities. You are already the minister of God. What is it to minister except to attend to the needs of others. By the change of mind you are doing so, you are ministering to all your brothers here.

Our minds are warped by the ego and its connotations on words. Jesus told us so. So in your mind right now, allow the Holy Spirit to redefine the word “minister” to you. This word may have been damaged because of your past associations in your religion of origin or what you have witnessed in the news. Allow Him to show you the beauty of the word.

As you adhere to the practice today, welcome the role appointed to you. Welcome it with open arms. Be His holy messenger. If you are as God created you, then you are already His messenger. Speak of His Love, act with gentleness and compassion, and hold all in the Light of Healing.

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