Good morning!

Last day of our 10 days of review, they have just flown by.

Our weather forecast in Chicago is hot and humid and our little dog does not do well in the heart so walks are earlier and later in the day.

Life is just about understanding that change in the ego thought system is inevitable.

I can remember various passages in the blue book, not specifically, where the only thing that does not change is God’s Love and, many of us if not all, seem to gravitate to the “seek and do not find” way of life.

Always trying something else that might work or a relationship that might work better than the last.

As I deepen my practice, I get more and more how specialness has defined my life.

In every way possible.

For years, I blistered a friend of mine who lives two doors over in our cul-de-sac.

Blistered her.

And that is what ego does, it looks for all the “sins” of others so God will punish them and not us.  Well, that’s the root of specialness as we all know.  That “tiny mad idea” leading to a world and body we made up to defend against the Love of God, fully believing He would come and get us at some point in our miserable lives.  You know, the angry, vindictive, unloving, mercurial God many of us have read about in the Bible, perhaps.

I have become aware that this is what I do every time I hurt myself or others in my mind with critical and judgmental thoughts.

Gale, my friend, and I are the same age, married decades although Bill and I have been married almost 46, Gale, about 32 or so, her second marriage.  Anyhow, neither of us have kids, etc., so we appear to have lots in common on a superficial basis.

But all that matters not.

What matters is love and acceptance….and after eviscerating here in my mind for many years, I made a conscious decision to just stop it and to see the Christ in her.  You know, among my favorites now, Lesson 161.

And the transformation is astounding, that is, the love that flows between us is palpable and that’s what holiness can do.

Why on earth would I want specialness in any form with anything, really?

And it can permeate every single area of my life, your lives, as you know.

Attachment to a home, decorations, accoutrements, you name it, substances, food, video games, TV, phone, cell phone, Facebook….and the list goes on forever and a day.


I ask myself that every day and many moments throughout the day.

I don’t need to revisit the sections of the text that speak to specialness, all I need do is make a decision to choose again, to accept the Atonement.

And I will.


Have a lovely day!



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