Good Morning!

Well, I have no Ken’s thoughts to share today, I worked my way through his commentary over a six day period, as those of you who may read my posts well know.

This morning, I am thinking about what to write.

I had a whirlwind of a day yesterday.  Talked to my sister, Lynne, my twin sister, for 40 minutes, we’ve shared a birthday for decades, what would it be like not to, I wonder?

Anyhow, Bill had gone to a seafood place for a variety of delicacies we both love for dinner…which he cooked to perfection.

I had to mow, we’ve have SO much rain these past two months, our lawn grows as though I could mow every two or three days, I last attended to it on Friday and here I was again, waiting for all the rain to be done so I could tackle it again.

And it was hot and humid, once through, I had to shower all over again.

The veritable highlights of my day were two-fold, firstly, the loving and thoughtful posts from Rev. Deb, acknowledging Mari’s and my volunteering over many years, thank you again, Rev. Deb, and the one recognizing my birthday, thank you again, and my one hour chat with a younger sister, Woogie.

OK, the form of Woogie’s life experience has been this:

First marriage at 22, ending two years later, single, five years, remarried in her late 20s.  Had Melissa, only child in 1979.  Lost a ton of weight as a Junior in college, has struggled with anorexia since, she is so thin and “fragile”, it’s been a concern for all of us for many years.

Lost her husband, 15 years her senior, in 2013, lost her daughter in 2018 of glioblastoma, a deadly form of brain cancer that ended her life after about 21 months.

In the interim between 2013 and 2018, Woog got a DUI and experienced multiple visits via ambulance to a psych ward, the most severe and longest in 2014.  She was admitted to a psych ward where my Dad, decades ago, was a neurosurgeon and performed countless surgeries, interestingly enough.

Horrific, I was there for five days with Melissa, painful to see her so over-medicated and on suicide watch.

After being released, Melissa basically “threw her” into her Jeep and moved her to Dallas to be near her.

Very challenging, she sold her huge home at a loss and most of her belongings were sold at a loss as well as she wasn’t there to supervise.

She lived downtown in Dallas for five years in a lifeless condo with her two Labs, depressed and despondent, on Abilify for bi-polarism, etc.  About eight months after Melissa’s death, she moved to be near our youngest sister’s home, Alison is her name, and lives about 10 minutes away from her and three of her four adult daughters and their families.

Fast forward to now!

She’s gone to a holistic chiropractor who put her on an anti-fungal diet among other goals and she’s alive, I mean, she’s a different person.  She was eating what little she consumes too many carbs, too much sugar, drinking too much alcohol, never imagining that if she were to eat more healthfully, she would feel better.

I enjoyed the most delightful conversation with her in my lifetime of being with her…as a kid, adolescent, young and now, older adult.


And today she goes to the chiropractor’s wife for emotional healing modalities, not sure what that means, but she’s receptive and open and happy and getting healthy.

I am overjoyed, over the moon, delirious with joy!

SO….I share this because it touches me so deeply that even though her path is not ACIM…that with openness, trust, faith and willingness to think and act differently, miracles do occur.  Yet, it wasn’t just the form of her transformation, what I witnessed was Woogie demonstrating hope, optimism and freedom from extraordinary grief from having lost Melissa and being alone with no contact from Ron’s family over years and just our family upon whom she can rely.

I get that many of us have similar stories, but I just had to share my utter and unmitigated elation and happiness that she’s in a “good” place.

As I was writing this, I was fighting back tears!

SO…today I honor my dearly beloved sister by sharing her story and what appears to be…her triumph!

Thank you, God, for my heart being open enough that I can allow this transformation to strengthen my own faith, belief and trust.

Have a lovely day!



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