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In response to 8:8 where Jesus refers to “our ancient home”, Ken writes:

This is our home in Heaven as our Self.  The underlying content, more than familiar by now, is that we are one, including Jesus.  In time he is the elder brother who helps us, but when we return home we disappear together into the Heart of God as one Son.

One of the purposes Jesus holds for his course is that we claim our potential and erase all perceptions of differences between him and us – God’s Son is always and forever one.

Jesus says:  “Demonstrate your love for me by paying careful attention to the words I give you.  Do not pay lip service to what ACIM says, or to our relationship.  If you truly love me and want to return to God, be attentive to these lessons and follow the review periods as faithfully as you can.”

If Jesus needs our voice, eyes, feet, and hands, the body cannot be sinful.  Indeed, since the body is neutral (W-pII.294), it can serve the holy purpose of forgiveness by undoing the go’s unholy purpose of keeping specialness alive and well.  These lines also express Jesus’ abstract and non-specific presence, for his love – a reflection of God’s Love – needs specific form so we may understand accept it.  Helen’s scribing of specific words – encapsulating an abstract, non-specific love – expressed this same need.  None of this, though, should be taken to mean he needs us literally to go out and preach ACIM to the world.  This would go directly against everything he is teaching.  However, he does want us to demonstrate in bodily form the forgiveness content of his message.  Thus he needs our eyes, feet, hands, and voice.

In response to 9:4-9, Ken writes:

These lines affirm the Oneness of creation and its Oneness with God.  That is why it is imperative you not exclude another from the Sonship, and when you do, that you be aware you are not excluding anyone but yourself.  Because God’s Son is one, what you do to someone else you do to yourself…”.

Jesus speaks of peace, the herald of love in 10:1.

“Hallowed your Name”, 10:2, Ken responds with:

This phrase is taken from the Lord’s Prayer (Matthew 6:9).  However, it is not God’s Name alone that is hallowed.  Our Name is equally as holy, as we will see in Lessons 183 and 184, because the Name of God and His creation is the same.  Oneness cannot be differentiated.

We remind the world not by our words, but by changing our minds.  The “ancient truth” we reflect is the truth of the Atonement:  the separation from Love never happened.  By rejoining our minds with the Holy Spirit we rejoin our Self – the completion of God’s Son – forever leaving behind the illusion of the ego’s separated and “complete” self.  (Reference to 10:3-8).

That’s it for today, I only have two more pages among the eight to cover.



I have been feeling intense anger at my younger sister, Alison.

I am on private messenger with my three sisters, two of whom are retired and widowed, Alison is married with four adult daughters. 

About four years ago, I made a decision, conscious or not, not sure how it all evolved, to start calling my twin sister, Lynne, from whom I had been sort of estranged for many years.  We talked, it wasn’t that, but there were so many comparisons made between the two of us as identical twins, we just didn’t communicate.  What brought us together was her youngest daughter, Lindsay, living here in Chicago.  When she came here, she stayed with Bill and me for nine months, then moved downtown.  That was seven years ago.  Both Lindsay and her husband work for us in our business and we all enjoy a very rich and loving relationship.

Fast forward that time and Lynne and I chat pretty regularly and get along well.  It has taken years to get to a place where we’re not competing with one another, consciously or unconsciously.

Anyhow, for about 17 years, I talked to Alison on a regular basis, when I decided to get beyond the conflict between Lynne and me, I didn’t have the time to talk to both on a regular basis, a defense?, don’t know, and Alison now is in “attack Gayle mode whenever she has the opportunity.”

By that I mean that she will not respond to any of my comments if directed at her, she has denigrated me behind my back to Woogie and Lynne as it has gotten back to me, etc.  And, honestly, I feel I don’t deserve this kind of treatment, having made many overtures with her, albeit through the back door, to come to peace between us.

Lindsay is due to have her baby within two weeks.  Alison and her husband had an opportunity to visit all of us in Chicago in July and she passed.  Lynne told me this in the name of total disclosure last week.  Since Alison and I no longer chat, Lynne and she do every single day and Alison refers to her now as her “BFF”.

It feels very vindictive and, frankly, immature.  Just being honest here.

OK…enough background.

I am in conflict.  On the one hand, I want a holy relationship with her and all.  On the other, I am feeling this vengeance and anger myself.

Ego does as ego does.

I have been repeating the prayer on page 384 in the text on accessing the Holy Instant, but am still unsettled.

Think I will just be with it for now.

Not ready, evidently, to relinquish my frustration and what feels like powerlessness with her. 

Oh well…

Have a lovely day!



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