I have quoted Jesus’ words:  Teach not that I died in vain.  Teach rather that I did not die by demonstrating that I live in you” (T-11.VI.7:3-4).  When we teach he did not die by demonstrating we can make the same choice for God’s Love he made, his resurrection is renewed and he is reborn.  This has nothing to do with Jesus, but simply means that we, too, choose to awaken from the dream of death.  We shall return to theme of rebirth in Lesson 182.

In Lesson 160, we read “Not one does Christ forget” (W.pI.10:1).  Jesus forgets no one because we are all – together – part of Christ:  God’s one Son.

Where Jesus says, 7:5, “Help me now to lead you back to where the journey was begun, to make another choice with me”, Ken writes:

This is an explicit statement of the core of Jesus’ teaching:  he cannot help us unless we ask for it.  Saying “Help me now” means:  “Please join with me in your mind, and do not bring me into the world of specifics, for this will mire you further in illusion.  Come to me “where the journey was begun,” and let me help you make the right choice at last.” 

In paragraph eight, first sentence, (8.1), Ken writes:

The “Him” is the Holy Spirit, Who in terms of function as our inner Teacher is interchangeable with Jesus.  There are not, of course, two voices in our minds, but two symbols expressing the same, non-specific Presence of God’s Love.  Jesus’ pleas that we release him is the same plea he makes to us in the text, when he says he needs us to forgive him:

“Let me be to you the symbol of the end of guilt, and look upon your brother as you would look on me.  Forgive me all the sins you think the Son of God committed.  And in the light of your forgiveness he will remember who he is, and forget what never was.  I ask for your forgiveness….I am within your holy relationship, yet you would imprison me behind the obstacles you raise to freedom, and bar my way to you.  Yet it is not possible to keep away One Who is there already.  And in Him it is possible that our communion, where we are joined already, will be the focus of the new perception that will bring light to all the world, contained in you”  (T-19.IV-B.6:1-4; 8:3-5).

It is not that Jesus is imprisoned by our choosing the ego.  In our minds, however, we will not recognize him as the symbol of God’s perfect Son unless we forgive him, which occurs when we forgive everyone else.  Therefore, Jesus is imprisoned as long as we imprison a single person, because – this cannot be said too often – God’s Son is one.  What I do to you I do to me, Jesus, and God – ideas leave not their source.  The ego is one package, and there is no differentiation within its thought system of separation, guilt, and hate.

Where Jesus says, “Together we review these thoughts.  Together we devote our time and effort to them.  And together we will teach them to our brothers”, Ken writes:

We have three “togethers” in three sentences, as this is a journey we take with Jesus.  When we attempt it without him, we are not taking it at all, for this course cannot be completed without his help.  If you do not want it, you need to look at what he symbolizes to you that you continually exclude him.  On another level, when we try to do things by ourselves, we re-enact the ontological instant when we told God in no uncertain terms:  “I can do things by myself without You.  I can have a self and world without You.  I can exist very nicely without You.”

In response to 8:5-7, Ken writes:

Obviously it is not that God would not want Heaven incomplete;  His Oneness ensures that Heaven can never be incomplete.  And Jesus is not suffering because we stumble around in the hologram of time and space.  This statement simply reflects the truth that God’s Son is one, and if in our delusional minds we keep ourselves incomplete, we must then see Him as incomplete, too, or somehow having to deal with it.

I will share just one quote that Ken references to which is:

“Whenever you question your value, say:

God Himself is incomplete without me.

Remember this when the ego speaks, and you will not hear it.  The truth about you is so lofty that nothing unworthy of God is worthy of you…You do not want anything else.  Return your part to Him, and He will give you all of Himself in exchange for the return of what belongs to Him and renders Him complete”  (T-9.VII.8:1-4,6-7).

Where Jesus says, “And as I am made whole we go together to our ancient home,” in 8:8, Ken writes:

This is our home in Heaven as our Self.  The underlying content, more than familiar by now, is that we are one, including Jesus.  In time he is the elder brother who helps us, but when we return home we disappear together into the Heart of God as one Son.

One of the purposes Jesus holds for his course is that we claim our potential and erase all perceptions of differences between him and us – God’s Son is always and forever one.

That’s it for today!



I had to mow the lawn again, rain is threatened for six days, on and off, and I don’t want a field in our backyard that is almost impossible to get through with our lawnmower.

As I was tackling it yesterday afternoon, I had extreme discomfort in the pelvic area, not sure what I did, hernia maybe, just not sure, but I had to take it very slowly and the entire time, I found myself thinking about what healing meant.  What did I really believe?  We’re to practice, “God is but Love, and therefore so am I”,  but I don’t want it, my reciting this, to be robotic and ritualistic.

I really did go into fear.  Oh dear, what if I have cancer?  What if whatever is going on is irremediable?  You know, those intense thoughts of fear and terror.

Then I decided to stop that after about 30 minutes as I found myself exhausted and I had only mowed about one half of the yard.  At a snail’s pace.

I realized I just have to slow down, just slow down.

I pick up Gracie all the time, she’s about 18 pounds.  I am constantly picking up heavier items, thinking nothing of consequences.  I can be more mindful in what I do on any given day to cause this “body” to suffer, of course, it’s all in the mind to begin with, right?  Figure I would start there.

I rested after finishing and the discomfort dissipated, within a few hours, nothing.

When I am tense, when I am in high anxiety, my whole body is taut, certainly not relaxed.

I don’t have to be in overdrive most of the time.

I have far too many tools at my disposal.

I can remember to only value what is valuable and that’s peace.

Why should I wait until I am terrified about something to have this kick in?

And that, I believe, is the whole point of the workbook.

Have a lovely day.



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