“Who is the stranger?  Is it fear or you who are unsuited to the home which God provided for His Son?  Is fear His Own, created in His likeness?  Is it fear that love completes, and is completed by?  There is no home can shelter love and fear.  They cannot coexist.  If you are real, then fear must be illusion.  And if fear is real, then you do not exist at all.”


Rhetorical questions can be irritating to the ego. It frets at such questions and their obvious answers, and yet, it doesn’t understand that to really consider the questions is to interrupt its senseless thoughts long enough for the Holy Spirit to slip in a suggestion that they are false. Of course fear and love cannot exist together. Of course who we truly are is loved and free, and of course we are real, while fear is not; however, it is our acceptance of the answers to Jesus’ questions which helps us recognize our reality and fear’s unreality.


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