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“If I have received guilt from my ego, the law of projection dictates that I must also give it.  If I have accepted the Holy Spirit’s Love, this – or its reflection – is what I must likewise give, through extension.  Whether we are considering love or guilt, it is still true I must have it before I can give it; and if I give it, I must also receive it.”

He shares a quote which I found most meaningful:

“Damnation is your judgment on yourself, and this you will project upon the world.  See it as damned, and all you see is what you did to hurt the Son of God.  If you behold disaster and catastrophe, you tried to crucify him.  If you see holiness and hope, you joined the Will of God to set him free.  There is no choice that lies between these two decisions.  And you will see the witness to the choice you made, and learn from this to recognize which one you chose.  The world you see but shows you how much joy you have allowed yourself to see in you, and to accept as yours.  And, if this is its meaning, then the power to give it joy must lie within you.” (

In response to 4:4-6, Ken writes”

“The sinless are as one because they share a single purpose.  They are not literally one, but the statement “Christ beholds no sin in anyone” expresses the correct of the ego thought system that sees sin in everyone, including ourselves.  Whenever you are tempted to blame anyone for anything, to see someone as enemy or savior, it is because you have made sin real, either in the other or yourself.  Realize that making sin real comes from your decision – not from an inherent evil or sinfulness, but from your fear of being in the presence of God’s Love.  You want to practice, therefore, becoming aware how often during the day you express such fear, which will allow you to choose again.  Again, blaming others is not a sin, but a mistake that will not bring you what you want.”

“Christ’s vision – our daily practice of forgiveness – enables us to shift from a dream figure whose only concern is being happy here, to a self happily outside the dream.  The process is facilitated by the shift from seeking gratification through special relationships to seeing them as instruments of forgiveness.”

“As we continue to practice ACIM, what used to bother us will do so less and less.  What had heretofore seemed so vital and important to our happiness will diminish over time.  All this we can learn, and this will lead us closer to the experience that helps us realize all this is literally a dream.  And we will see!  And we will see at last!”

“Forgiveness has its home in Christ’s vision, which sees no differences where there are none.  Thus, when you are tempted to see differences and make them significant, you do not want to be forgiven, for you know if you are, you will no longer know who you are.  Your fear of such forgetting continually drives you back to your “friends” grievances, anxiety and despair.  Yet, after choosing a holy instant and experiencing yourself back in the body, the specialness that used to satisfy no longer does.  You realize your forgiveness was really forgiveness-to-destroy (S-2.II), for true forgiveness based on Christ’s vision, sees only shared purpose.  The seeming reality of the ego, which thrived in the “nourishing and shallow soil” of unforgiveness, has been undone, for the specialness of differences has been forgiven.”

“The issue is always which teacher we choose, and Jesus’ love provides us with the soil that nourishes forgiveness.”

“Thus, if we are upset, angry, or in any way involved with specialness, we need but turn to the source in the mind – the decision maker’s having chosen the ego – and choose again.  At that point, whatever we address here will be seen differently.  The world does not disappear, but its importance recedes as we walk in to our garden of lilies, with Jesus and all our brothers.”

“We are asked to be mindful of how we perceive others, for this offers us a mirror that reveals we first perceived ourselves.  If I judge you, it is because I first judged myself; but since I am unaware of my self-condemnation, I need to world to be my classroom with Jesus as my teacher.  He helps me recognize that you and I are not different, because we have never left the Oneness of God.  This Oneness is now reflected in my forgiveness, which undoes the belief in the separation.  Thus are we all healed as one, returned to our shared awareness of God’s will.”


I struggled a bit to get into this lesson.  I must have decided it was nothing I particularly wanted to think about, much less practice today, cannot communicate why, just found myself resisting its truth.

I realized that I still have this need to understand what I may decide to practice, isn’t that funny?  I will only practice it if I understand it, yet in The Test of Truth in the text, we are told we need not understand it.  I believe he references the necessity for faith, not sure, as well.

Also, in the introduction to the workbook lessons, Jesus tells us we don’t have to believe what we’re practicing, we just have to practice.

My resistance is my insistence I am right, Jesus is wrong.  I still cling to my identity even though, often, I am not happy.

I fill my mind with thoughts of lists/endless lists of things to do.  This has gone on for decades as I make my happiness contingent on getting through them and I NEVER do!

We have a lovely backyard, it’s sizeable, surrounded by a 6 foot fence to protect Gracie from coyotes and fox, and loaded with Chicago-friendly perennials that delight me as their flowers bloom.

We have a sizeable patio too where we can sit and enjoy the privacy of our sanctuary-like backyard.

BTW, a fox was in our yard yesterday and as I went outside to get this lovely creature to depart, he/she climbed our fence and was gone in a flash, so much for erecting a tall fence to protect Gracie, they only weigh 10 pounds, though, she’s twice their size, and their prey are small mammals and birds.

Anyhow, I digress.  I rarely sit out there to luxuriate in the quietness and silence.  Our subdivision is small and we live on a cul-de-sac so there is little noise and traffic, heavy, is several miles away from us.

My point…I do not give myself permission to enjoy it.  The summers go by, the falls go by and then winters hit and I feel hemmed in, yet I haven’t taken advantage of the warm, sunny days just basking in the sun and being peaceful.  Gracie loves being outside and I, often, deprive her excepting for our two long walks every day.

It’s a choice.

I am giving much prayerful thought to what I value that is valueless.

I will continue to do so.

Have a lovely day!



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