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“Jesus says to us:  “”I am trying to help you remember the truth that is within you, a truth of happiness and peace.  It will lead to an experience that will reflect Who you are as Christ.  Is it not time to set aside the pain of having chosen death?  Today let us “choose life.””  The means to achieve this end is forgiveness:  the daily opportunities our days provide to ask Jesus’ help to see beyond unholiness – ours and our brother’s – to the holy Christ that unites us as one Son.”

“Jesus reminds us of what we have learned and how far we have come – preparation where he will yet lead us.  He has taught us – looking back over the earlier workbook lessons – that the world is an illusion, with no difference between our perceptions and thoughts, and that there is another Teacher we can choose Who will gradually lead us from the body to the mind.  Jesus begins with our outer experiencec, his purpose being to show us these are but shadows or reflections of the mind’s decisions. He therefore teaches whence we have come and where he is leading us.  We need only continue to hold his hand, as together we traverse the pathway of forgiveness.”

“The purpose of ACIM is to bring us to what the text refers to as “the gate of Heaven” – the real world.  At that point all learning ceases, followed by the experience of love.  Jesus explains, and in the next lesson as well, that the experience of God’s Love, the Oneness that is our Self, is beyond what we can learn.  However, we can be taught to remove the interferences to that experience.  These lessons, therefore, are a one-year training program that helps us unlearn what the ego has taught.  The unlearning is accomplished by forgiveness, which leads us through the world of past hatreds to the real world – Heaven’s gate – and they beyond to love.”

“Jesus tells us he knows this is a process. Yet is the time hastened if we seek to do the lessons properly and diligently work through this year of workbook exercises.  The experience of love’s truth will come to the extent we let our egos go, if only for an instant.  This does not mean our journey is over or our learning complete, but the “touch of Heaven” is a sign that Jesus is leading us to reality, already present within us.”

“Jesus re-emphasizes our need to faithfully rehearse these lessons, meaning we need to practice them over and over.  When you rehearse lines in a play, you repeat them until they have been mastered.  Jesus is asking us to do the same with the lines his Atonement play.  This does not mean rotely repeating the day’s idea, but repetition in the sense of continually bringing our mistakes to his correction, allowing him thus to bring us home.”

With respect to 5:1 where Jesus speaks to “your ministry”, Ken writes:

“Please do not take this literally, otherwise you will look foolish touching people with your holy finger, or turning off lights so people will see you glow.  These are symbols, and clearly not to be taken as literal truth.  Since Jesus is so clear that the body is an illusion, why would he tell you your fingertips ought to glow?  I mention this only because there are those who might be tempted to take these words literally.  It is our minds that “glow” – with the forgiving light of Christ that embraces the Sonship in our devotion to the truth that shines in us as one.”

“Jesus does not mean for us to deny what our eyes report to us.  Rather, not seeing the body means not seeing through the ego’s purpose of judgment and sin – separate interests – but the Holy Spirit’s purpose of forgiveness – shared interests.”

“What is transformed is our thought system, which means the purpose of the world is changed.  The above sentence, 7:1, clearly implies Jesus is speaking of a process:  “”As this experience increases and all goals but this become of little worth.””  Jesus does not say they become totally worthless, at least not yet.  The worth and value we give to the world and our experiences here will decrease over time as we learn not to value what is valueless, Lesson 133.  Step by step we are led through the forgiven world to Heaven’s gate, beyond which learning cannot go – but we can.”


This has been a challenging week for me.

I can relate to what Jesus states in T.31.V.17.7, where he states:

“I do not know the thing I am, and therefore do not know what I am doing, where I am, or how to look upon the world or on myself.”

I have been feeling that way.

As I am increasingly willing to release all those things to which I cling to preserve my little self, I feel, often, imbalanced, unsteady.

It can be as simple as just unsubscribing from notifications of websites, spiritually-oriented, to assist with sleep, for example, or sites that have enabled me to buy my niece some really darling baby clothes for the little guy about to come forth, about four weeks away now.

I could go on and on.

I am willing to sort out what is valueless from the valuable.  I have been holding on to too many areas in my life that represent meaninglessness.

It’s OK.

I see now more clearly that it’s just a matter of removing the blocks that prevent me from experiencing, even for an instant, the peace and love of God.

Have a blessed day!



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