LESSON 153- In my defenselessness my safety lies.

Keys to this Lesson

The world provides no safety, you will not find it here.
The world gives rise to defensiveness. In the world there is threat which brings anger and anger makes attack. Then we are in self-defense mode.
It becomes: attack, defense; defense, attack.
It certainly is not a peaceful way to live.
Through defense we become a slave to the ego.
We sabotage our peace because of defensiveness.
Defensiveness is weakness.
Defenselessness is strength.
When we are in our strength, we are testifying to the Christ within us.
We always make a choice between Christ’s strength and our weakness.
Our purpose is to save the world.
Look past dreams today and recognize that we need no defense.
Be still a moment and in silence think how holy your purpose is, how secure you rest and how untouchable you are within its light.
That is the truth.
We are here to assist our brothers. Salvation is a happy game that Jesus tells us here. Replacing fearful toys with joyous games.
Everyone wins.


Begin the day with giving attention to today’s thought.
Give five, but 10 or 15 would be even better.
Perhaps give 30 minutes.
You’ll find that any time is too short a time spent with God.
Do the same at night.

Each hour adds to your increasing peace as you remember to be faithful to share God’s Will.
Even if you give a minute on the hour, it is your willingness that matters.
Sometimes you will forget.
When you do remember, it is a remembrance of our mission and His Love.
Sit and quietly wait on Him and listen to His Voice.

As you continue to practice, in time you will never cease to think of God.

The theme is defenselessness.
Let it make you strong.
Remind yourself that Christ stands with us.
Pause a moment as He tells you I AM HERE.

Be earnest in your practice.


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