“The happy dreams the Holy Spirit brings are different from the dreaming of the world, where one can merely dream he is awake.  The dreams forgiveness lets the mind perceive do not induce another form of sleep, so that the dreamer dreams another dream.  His happy dreams are heralds of the dawn of truth upon the mind.  They lead from sleep to gentle waking, so that dreams are gone.  And thus they cure for all eternity.”

This paragraph makes perfect sense to me. If I forgive—that is, let go of the darkness of the past and remember only the loving experiences I’ve had—then I will begin to awaken from the nightmare of guilt and fear I’ve woven.

In the last few months, I’ve made it a practice to ask the Holy Spirit to guide my nightly dreams. There haven’t been any astounding revelations, but I’ve noticed a lightness, even a playful quality in my dreams. I don’t always remember to ask, but I certainly will tonight.




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