Good Morning!

Well, I must say I was unnerved by a parade of little ants on our rug in the kitchen trying to devour/take away tiny bits of Gracie’s raw food nuggets, if you will.  This company uses all natural ingredients, the one I bought was duck, including fruit, veggies, etc., and they it’s dehydrated or something for maximal nutrition.  When I got ready to go upstairs, I had, evidently, overlooked these little tiny tidbits of dogfood.

We have struggled with these tiny ants for years.  We have a large patio off of our kitchen and the very damp and rainy weather we’ve had most of April and May have caused them to seek higher ground.

I am not a pig!


I sweep the kitchen every day and wash the floors once a week.

Plus…I hate to kill anything.  I try to rescue flies by opening the sliding glass door in the kitchen because I don’t want to kill them, etc.

SO…to have to vacuum about 25 ants up was stressful for me, but I had no other choice, the long carpet, heavy, is not one I can easily shake out onto the ground, it’s just too cumbersome.  AND the only reason we have one laid is because Gracie has mobility issues and cannot eat her food without the support of one.

Secondly, my husband is not speaking to me, a decades-long behavioral pattern when he’s upset or gets fed up with me, for whatever reason.  It still rattles me, I don’t understand it nor have I ever.

Thus, it was tough to be at all meditative this morning nor did I feel like reading a lesson I could not easily focus upon, oh well!

It’s resistance that ails me.

I am upset because I had to kill the ants and my identity is one of harmlessness.

Yet, I don’t want an army of ants in my house.

I am so angry at my husband’s shutting down and, frankly, succeeding in my choosing to be intimidated by him and then my shutting down.

OK, so I can remember that my mind does, indeed, only what I think with God….and his call for help is mine.

Will try to work on this today.

However, resisting practicing ACIM is not advised, think about what Jesus states in The Rules for Decision, Chapter 30, first section, I think.  “Do not fight yourself.”

SO, with Rev. Deb’s advice ringing in my ears, I think I’ll just be with it.

Have a wonderful day!



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