We are close to the end of our ten day review.

It’s been peaceful, overall, excepting when I get overwhelmed, this seems to be a “critical” aspect of this seeming lifetime, one that can be perpetuated or healed.

Not sure how to express an awareness I have come to, but when I stop giving everything I see in my home or our yard or my life in general, well then, how easy it is to shed the mantra of “I am overwhelmed, when will this madness end, I have so much to do, etc.?”

And that’s how I have lived my life…going through the litany of everything that has to be done to keep a neat home, not fastidiously so, but acceptable.  Whatever that means.

Dusted, vacuumed, floors washed, bathrooms and kitchen cleaned, etc.

If I practice the Holy Instant…earnestly and open-mindedly…I find that what I may have assessed to be a 30 minute task turns out to be 10, sure, sometimes it’s the opposite.

But why drive myself through life?

That’s ego, period.

And yet, I can choose Heaven.

Last week in our Wednesday study group, one of the participants said that THE in “Heaven is the decision I must make”, Lesson 138, is the key word.

Yes, it is.

I do not face a plethora of decisions, there is but one.

The decision to be peaceful and no longer define myself by how busy/swamped/mired in too many tasks I am.

Just time, once more time, to choose again.

Have a lovely day!



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