Good Morning!

I am coming toward the end of Ken’s thoughts on the fourth review, I have so enjoyed not only what he has to say, but also, just 10 lovely days of self-reflection and practice.


In response to paragraph nine (9), he writes:

“Jesus’ goal for us, once again, is to have each of our days be framed by a thought of forgiveness, beginning and ending the same, with each moment between them filled with the same thought, to which we bring our fear, guilt, and pain, that they may be gently replaced by joy, peace, and healing.  I am reminded of the image of the arch – later transmuted into a rainbow – that D.H. Lawrence immortalized in his magnificent novel, The Rainbow.  After Tom and Lydia heal their unsteady marital relationship, Lawrence describes the protective love within which their daughter Anna can now grow, her life framed by the two pillars of love and strength represented by her parents:

“”Anna’s soul was put at peace between them.  She looked from one to the other, and she saw them established to her safety, and she was free.  She played between the pillar of fire and pillar of cloud in confidence, having the assurance on her right hand and the assurance on her left.  She was n o longer called upon to uphold with her childish might the broken end of the arch.  Her father and her mother not met to the span of the heavens.  And she, the child, was free to play in the space beneath, between.””  (This is from the Wordsworth Classics edition, page 79).

Jesus thus asks us to see our days as framed by the pillars of forgiveness and love, allowing its quiet strength and gentle protection to nourish our experience and sustain our learning, as we move “from darkness to the light, from grief to joy, from pain to peace, from sin to holiness.”



I have little to add this morning.

Practicing the Holy Instant.

Wondering who I am unconsciously or consciously willing to shut out of the equation so I do not experience the peace the Holy Instant will bring.

The miracle will bring.

Forgiveness will bring.

There are many upon whom I can project my judgments, just look at our political parties or the situation erupting, again, in England.

Plenty of individuals I can easily or not so easily exclude from the mix.

Don’t want to do that anymore.

Don’t want duality anymore, it’s all duality, individuality.

To rise above the battleground and to be able to laugh or chuckle or giggle at our collective and individual insanity!

Happy Memorial Day to everyone in the USA!

Happy weekend to those who do not celebrate this holiday!



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