Good Morning!

Another violent storm last night…for about two hours.  My husband ended up downstairs on the couch with Gracie, I had attended to her the night before.  And fireworks may be forthcoming, she is more terrified of those than storms.  Shakes violently, cannot be consoled or soothed, tough for us who are trying our best to alleviate her stress.

But I can see it differently, think I’ll work on that one today!

OK, to continue with Ken’s thoughts on the Introduction to the fourth review, here goes!


Where Jesus states, “Begin each day with time devoted”, 5:1-2, Ken writes:

“Our function is to open the mind to bring the ego’s illusions to Jesus’ truth; to be aware of what makes us anxious, depressed, angry, excited, ecstatic – all the things, pleasurable or painful, that we think are real and vital to our well-being.  We need to realize these thoughts are consciously chosen parts of the ego’s strategy to keep us away from our closed minds and from the truth that awaits us there.  Once we return and open our minds, we give our thoughts to Jesus, meaning we ask his help to look at them and let them go.”

Where Jesus states in 5:2-4, …” and let this thought alone engage it fully, and remove the rest:

My mind holds only what I think with God.

Five minutes with this thought will be enough to set the day along the lines which God appointed, and to place His Mind in charge of all the thoughts you will receive that day.”

Ken writes:

“When we release our investment in the ego’s thoughts, only the Holy Spirit’s remain.  We need do nothing about His thoughts, only with our own.”

Ken writes about the need to be vigilant for God and His Kingdom and quotes from T-7.VI.7:1-7, if you’re interested in reading that passage.

He continues with:

“Thus to be vigilant for God and His Kingdom means we seek to maintain a vigilance for our ego, bringing our mistaken choices for separation and specialness to the Atonement, which reflects the Thought of creation we hold with God.”

In response the paragraph six (6) where Jesus refers to the “Lord of Hosts”, etc., Ken writes:

“This is another lovely expression of our Oneness as Christ, at one within Itself and at one with Its Source.  The biblical phrase “Lord of Hosts” symbolizes the Godhead:  God and Christ.  It is interesting to note that in this review Jesus is asking us to focus primarily on our Oneness with God.  Elsewhere his emphasis has been on realizing our oneness with each other, through forgiveness, as the step toward remembering our Oneness in Heaven.

The procedure for this review is that we first become aware of our ego’s interfering thoughts, asking Jesus’ help to look at them.  As their darkness disappears in his light, what remains are the thoughts we hold with God.”

I will address Jesus’ specific instructions for the ten review days in tomorrow’s post.


I think a lot about Lesson 133, I will not value what is valueless.

That’s what I am doing, slowly and sometimes frantically to be honest, what I value and what I don’t.

Some of this mess can be painful.  Some not so much.

Reminds me too of the ten characteristics of the Teachers of God as described in the Manual, when I think about the lesson about truly understanding the criteria of what is valuable and its two laws, the first characteristic of TRUST comes to mind.

Trusting that only the Holy Spirit knows what it best for me.

And being frantic, frenzied, “fried”, harried, worried and in a state of 9/11 anxiety isn’t it.

I have a full day today and I am sitting at my computer quite calmly and peacefully.

What needs to get done, will.

What matters is my state of mind.

My choice.

I choose peace.

Have a lovely day!




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