Good Morning!

Well, I am thankful we are about to enter into a 10 day review of our previous 20 lessons, so much to learn, so little time, LOL!

But these last 20 lessons have been so rich and full of healing thoughts, thoughts we can internalize in however we do that and apply to all situations in which we find ourselves!

Please read Rev. Deb’s thoughts on today’s lesson, so powerful and basically, essentially, she reinforces the fact that “truth is true and nothing else is true.”


“…the lesson’s familiar message is that sickness is really in the mind.  Therefore if you want a “cure”, you have to cure (or heal) the mind of the thought of guilt.”

“This lesson also discusses magic, implicitly contrasting it with healing.  Magic is anything the ego offers to solve the problem on the symptomatic level, which means not solving the problem at all.  Healing brings the problem to its source – the mind’s decision to be an ego.”

“Another major theme in this lesson is the first principle of miracles, no order of difficulty among them.  Each problem is the same, and so symptoms of sickness – emotional or physical, however painful the experience – are no different from each other.  Contrary to the ego’s first law of chaos (T-23.II.2:3), there is no hierarchy of illusions.”

“The guilt in the mind is safe.  Nothing has changed it, which explains why we experience the body as sick.  This allows us to conclude that the problem is not in the mind but the body.  Our attention is thus directed toward making it feel better, as the clever ego re-establishes our mindfulness.  The real problem – the mind’s guilt coming from its decision to be separate – is forgotten.  This means that the cause of sickness remains and will continue to surface in the body through projection – Freud’s symptom substitution:  if you do not undo the cause, it remains to generate other symptoms.  You may or may not recognize them as such, but as long as there is guilt, it will inevitably generate some shadow of itself – our multitudinous symptoms.”

“The cause of separation is undone when we ask the Holy Spirit’s help in recognizing there is no separation or guilt, and thus no physical world, body, or problems.”

“A recurring theme in ACIM is that we should not be deceived by our eyes.  As you know, you are not asked to deny there is a world, nor that people suffer; but you do not have to let the appearance of suffering take away your mind’s peace.  It is possible to be in this world and not be affected by it, but that calls for hard work and vigilance.  Such persistence is rewarded when you realize your identity is not of this world.  Thus you see pain and lovingly minister to it, though you are not deceived by it.  Knowing your reality is outside the dream, you remain outside another’s dream of sickness.  Not reinforcing it, you become an instrument of healing, for you demonstrate that the peace of God’s Son is unassailed by dreams of sickness.”

Where Jesus states in 4:3, “Sickness where guilt is absent cannot come, for it is but another form of guilt”, Ken writes:

“This is a most unambiguous statement.  Sickness is guilt – no guilt, no sickness.  There may be an appearance of illness in terms of physical or psychological symptoms, but without guilt, you, as a mind, will not experience yourself as sick.  Sickness is guilt.  Period.  It is not defined by FORM (my emphasis) or symptom, but the CONTENT (my emphasis) of guilt that is projected onto the body.”

“The Atonement is mindful of where the need for healing is, and so does not seek to heal the body.  As long as we identity with the body, however, we believe the need for healing is anywhere but the mind.”  Jesus states “Seek not to change the world, but choose to change your mind about the world.”  That’s in  Ken writes:

“In this context, we could say:  “Seek not to heal the sick body, but choose to change your mind about the sick body.”  We need realize that the physical symptom – like anything in this world – is a red flag, and we need Jesus to teach us that what we perceive and experience in our own or another’s body is a shadow of the mind’s decision to be sick.  Sickness, a shadow of the deformed thought of guilt thus says I am not as God created me, for I am a separated and limited self.  Since guilt is one, sickness must be one as well, which is why there can be no “distinctions among unrealities”: guilt is guilt; illusion is illusion.”

“…there is no order of difficulty in miracles.  All mistakes are the same – a hangnail or cancer, a mild argument or nuclear war.  They are all the same because their illusory content of guilt is the same.  This is not the case within the dream, and we are not asked to deny our experiences there.  However, Jesus does ask us to take his hand so he may gently lead us outside the dream to look on our lives and understand that all things here are insane.  Thus the ego’s magic, transformed by the miracle, becomes the healing means of Atonement.”

“…nothing in ACIM should ever be taken as an excuse not to see a doctor or take medicine if you are sick, nor to rest if you are tired and eat if you are hungry.  Jesus asks only that you realize that the magic in what you are doing will not heal the thought of separation that is the ultimate cause of every problem.”

“I bring my sick concerns – indeed, all concerns are sick – to the truth in my mind; the darkness of illusions to the light of truth; my ego thoughts to Jesus – this is the process of healing.  Remember, sickness is separation, and healing undoes separation by my joining with my new teacher.  When you understand the nature of healing, it will be obvious what is needed.  If you are ill, anxious, depressed, or angry, it is because you pushed Jesus away and took the ego’s hand instead.  Simple.  When you care clear, the choice is clear: do I want pain, or want to be wrong?  If I want pain, I want to be right; if I want to be wrong, I want the pain of separation to be gone.”

“My identity is here; I need only accept it.  Healing is here; I need only accept it.  Seeking in the world ensures healing will not be found; looking within guarantees it will – thus the simplicity of salvation and healing.” 

“He asks us only to divest our magical amulets, charms, and medicines from healing belief.  Gently his love leads us through the maze of magic in the heart of miracles, through the FORMs (my emphasis) of illusion to the CONTENT (my emphasis) of truth’s reflection.  Thus do we lay aside the go’s purpose for our magic, not necessarily the magic itself.”

“When you become upset, remind yourself this is merely part of your classroom, a curriculum the ego chose to hurt you.  With your new Teacher, however, the situation can teach a different lesson.  Learning forgiveness requires ongoing vigilance, the meaning of the Holy Spirit’s third lesson:  “Be vigilant only for God and His Kingdom” (T-6.V-C).  Watch your mind throughout the day for attack thoughts, and if your day is to be a classroom, you will go to your Teacher for help to look at this differently, learning why you are angry, judgmental, and sick.  The answer is your fear of His Love, having used the external as an excuse to keep away from Him.”

“My task is simply to empty my mind, heart, and hands of ego thoughts that interfere with healing the Holy Spirit.  I no longer try to define the problem as something external, for this establishes the solution as something external as well – a form of magic.  Turning away form the ego’s strategy of concealment and camouflage, I bring the problem to the mind’s mistaken choice as I hear my Father’s gentle Voice proclaiming I am healed.”

““Attending in silence” means I set aside my ego’s raucous shrieking, the thought that says I am right – both problem and solution are found in the world.  Silencing those thoughts allows the real thought of healing to return to my awareness.”



My husband was in England for six days on business working with numerous international franchisees.  He returned yesterday morning.  O’Hare airport is a large one with five terminals.  The one I needed to get to in order to pick him up has an exit before the first four terminals and if not careful, the exit to get to it can be easily missed and one then would need to circle the sizeable airport as a whole.  Yep, that’s what I did.  There was heavy traffic, I was in the wrong lane and would never be able to get over four lanes to get off of it.  I had thought it to be on the left, it was on the right.  Oh well…

Yes, I got flustered, mad at myself, traffic was ridiculous and I had to wait for people to be picked up with nowhere to go, no choice but to wait.  By this time, I thought, how in the world will I find a way to get to him?  I tried to relax, my heart was pounding.

OK, I took a few deep breaths.  Found my way to the terminal about 10 minutes later, only to discover he was at the exit where short term parking is and I was where departures occur, that is, where we drop off passengers to catch their flights.  I called him right away, we couldn’t figure out where he was nor where I was.  He normally flies within the USA.  Anyhow, he contended he was on the highest level of the terminal as did I, yet even though that was “true” according to our respective frame of reference, we were in different locations.

He finally figured out what I was talking about and told me to stay put, he would find me.

He did and there was tension, a lot of it between us.  He said something like “I wish you wouldn’t panic about this, etc.”, wishing I weren’t upset and intense and I responded with, “OK, I panicked, just forgive me, please.”

What could he say?

I didn’t go into a litany of defenses.

I just said, “Please forgive me.”

It was over.  Done.

We moved on.

Forgiveness is our purpose, it is all about healing of the mind.

Have a lovely day!



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