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Violent storm yesterday followed by firecrackers around our subdivision somewhere.  Gracie is “crazed” by both, poor little dog, she never experienced terror with either when our other two dogs were in form.  Oh well…


“While Helen was taking down ACIM, Jesus said to her:  “Tell Bill that fifty million Frenchmen can be wrong.” (This is from Absence from Felicity, page 234).  The fact that fifty million or six billion people believe something does not make it true.  One thought of madness is the same as a billion thoughts of madness, for madness remains mad.  This uncompromising non-dualism is what makes ACIM so radical, for it establishes that all perception is a lie, since its innate dualism belies the truth of the oneness of knowledge.”

“We are not asked to become who we are; we are simply asked to accept it.  (The Atonement).  There is a significant difference between these two statements.  When we let go of the interferences, as we are continually asked to do, we shall inevitably remember who we are.  The text tells us:

“The ego analyzes; the Holy Spirit accepts.” (T-11.V.13:1).

“Thus Jesus asks us but to accept the truth about ourselves.  Neither understanding nor analysis is needed; merely our simple acceptance.”

“Jesus asks us not to try to make sense of a thought system that cannot be understood, nor explain what is inconceivable.  This also means we should not try to understand truth, which is beyond our capacities as egos.  This favorite theme of ACIM recurs in all three books.  Thus Jesus encourages us to accept the truth, without attempting to understand it.”

“We have a mission here.”  Paragraph 9:1.  Ken writes:

“Mission is not anything external.  It is the acceptance of the Atonement, the correction in our minds when we choose the right teacher.  A major temptation for students of ACIM is to translate its non-specific messages of forgiveness into specific and special missions.  Therefore it is helpful to keep this oft-quoted and important line in awareness.”

“This is a course in cause and not effect”, (T-21.VII.7:8).

“Cause refers to the mind, the changing of which constitutes our mission of forgiveness.  Effect refers to the body or behavior, which is not our concern at all.  Remember, too, that we are asked only to choose the miracle, leaving its extension through us to the Holy Spirit (T-16.II.1:3-6).”

“The Atonement teaches that whatever we think has happened had no effect – the Oneness of God’s Son was totally unaffected by our thoughts of judgment, attack, and specialness.  Acceptance of that happy fact is the only true meaning of joy in this world.”

“Once again, Jesus is not speaking about anything external.  Nothing in ACIM should be taken as a guide for what you do behaviorally.  It is always and only a guide about what you should think, or even more to the point, which teacher you should choose.  Since there is no body and no world, why would Jesus give prescriptions for behavior?  Our mission is simply to change our minds, to accept the Atonement for ourselves.  Thus do we accept the truth, remembering that we remain as God created us.”

Where Jesus states, “we repeat our dedication to our cause today each hour, as we lay aside all thoughts that would distract us from our holy aim,” Ken writes:

“This cause is paramount in ACIM.  If I am truly to remember who I am, if I am sincere about taking Jesus’ hand that I return home, I must lay aside all ego thoughts that would deter me from achieving this goal.  Jesus cannot do this for me, for I must set down these thoughts by choosing against my original decision to oppose the Love of God.  Thus, as we go through our day, the focus should always be on the ways in which we try to distract ourselves, not to mention attack these loving thoughts that are present in our minds.  We need realize we attack them because we fear their implication: in the presence of the love of Jesus, our special self will be gone.  Our judgments and attacks thus protect us from losing this self with which we identify and to which we cling.”



I love where Ken writes that we try to distract ourselves, etc.  As I read this last night, I was watching a Hallmark movie and was, yes, highly distracted.  I was watching it, placing a Target order for pickup, picking up the house, folding laundry, etc., I may have sat down for about a third of it.  I do this all the time, have some “mindless” TV on, not all the time, but at night particularly, and find myself trying to multi-task in a state of low-grade anxiety.

As a result, I had a heck of a time getting to sleep and slept fitfully.  My mind is sort of spinning.  Lots of business work to finish, a company IRA plan challenge to work through, an abundance of weeds in our rather sizeable backyard, etc.

Think I will think about today’s lesson.  I will accept Atonement for myself.

Having read countless times there is no sin, it is causeless.  There is no world, there are no bodies, there is only mind.  And this is where healing takes place, beyond time and space when I willingly, with much resistance, lay down my arms and ask for help.

Miracles can replace all grievances.  I don’t need to attack myself as I run through my litany of things to do.  I can trust that everything will get done in Divine Order.

And, oh, in one of our Thursday evening classes, Rev. Deb said, “How about a TO BE list instead of a TO DO list?”  A lot of food for thought.

To join as One in the right mind is my primary goal today.

Have a lovely day!



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