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I am just going to plunge into Ken’s perspective on this lesson before I jammer on and on about a short video I just watched with horror.


“Our time and effort will be futile if they are not geared towards helping us make this single decision for Heaven.  There is indeed a mighty purpose for being here:  to learn the lessons of our classroom – with Jesus as our teacher – that there is another way of looking at the world, reflecting for us another way of looking within our minds.  This will open the door for us to make the right choice.  Anything short of that goal is a waste of time.  Thus, attempting to fix things in the world is pointless if it does not lead to changing our minds.  Choosing the Holy Spirit remains the only meaningful decision we can make.”

“We think there are physical, psychological, and other forms of problems that demand solutions.  Yet this is all made up; a smoke screen to confuse us about the real problem in the mind.  “Complexity is of the ego,” the text reminds us (T-15.IV.6:2), for it represents the ego’s ingenious attempt to hide the Thought of Oneness in our minds by concealing the simplicity of decision that would negate the ego entirely.”

“This is a course in learning, which is why Jesus presents his message within a curricular framework.  What we learn is not the truth, but how to undo the interferences to our remembering the truth. By learning the Holy Spirit’s forgiveness within the complexity of our insane world – the conditions for learning – we unlearn what the ego taught and thus recognize His simple truth.”

“Peace can be described as the total forgiveness of our belief in sin and guilt.  Yet how can we know, when we still perceive?  Thus our perceptions first have to be cleansed, leading to true perception, which opens the way to knowledge.”

“As we grow in learning, we generalize more and more until we reach the point of recognizing that everything we need help with is the same problem :  illness, job uncertainty, difficulty in relationships, or lack of money – all result form the mind’s mistaken choice for the ego.  Our range of choices shrinks until we truly know there is one.  When we accept that our problems come from the belief we are better off without the Holy Spirit, all concerns disappear for we have made the correct choice.  We still have behavioral choices to make here, but they will no longer be attended by anxiety.  We choose A, B, or C, but without the conflict that inevitably follow acting on our own.  The problem, thus, is not what we think, but that we think we know best.”

“However, if I ask Jesus for help, the very things I made to hurt me and others will be transformed in purpose into a classroom in which I learn all this is a dream.”

The ego’s “purpose operates in the specific contexts of our lives, making everyone’s lessons the same in content, even as their forms differ from each other, which is why Jesus says our “curriculum is highly individualized: (M-29.2:6).  All forgiveness is therefore the same, albeit expressed in very special forms, which reflect the differences that fulfill the ego’s purpose of making difference be reality.”

“You respect the pain of people’s lives – their lessons and classrooms – but you realize they are classrooms in learning that an illusion never stops being an illusion.  This means, on a practical level, that the peace of Jesus’ love is never affected by anything going on around you, for you know it has nothing to do with you.  This approach thus meets your selfish need of being at peace while living in the world, for you cannot be at peace as long as you believe you are here.  However, with your new Teacher you learn that being in this world is a shadow of the mind’s guilt, and because it is your mind’s decision, you can correct it.”



I foolhardily watched about 30 seconds of a video that was posted on FB by someone I know who is a Course student, it was about how cows are abused, dairy cows, in a facility that provides their products to a major billion dollar corporation.  I was positively horrified and could feel tears welling up in my eyes.

Then I quickly remembered what I think I am seeing is NOT real, nothing is, it is all illusory.  I said a pray for those blessed cows, their owners and the company that their minds be healed.  There are no victims in truth, no victimizers as opposed to what the ego has us believe.

I am OK now, just realizing everything emerges for healing if I allow it.

To close, let me share what Ken states about practicing ACIM throughout the day:

“A meaningful choice for Heaven as you awake is to ask Jesus’ help to remember, as often as you can, that the world is a classroom and you want him, as your teacher, to show you that your response to what is outside comes form a decision you made inside.  This makes you a happy learner, whether or not you think you learn the lessons, for if you keep in mind this is a classroom, you will learn.  Otherwise you might as well just stay in bed.  Whether or not the lessons of your relationships are painful, you will be glad, because of the goal you accepted for them.  Thus, our one sane decision, reflecting our decision for Heaven, lies in choosing the teach who will learn us there.  Any other decision makes no sense and is insane.”

Have a lovely day!


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