Good Morning!

Violent storm last night, Gracie was extraordinarily restless and crazed and more rain/storms for about four days to boot.

All a forgiveness opportunity.  Everything is!


“This lesson continues the them of sickness, here defined as separation.  This means healing is unity:  We accept our oneness as Christ, God’s One Son, by joining with Jesus in our right minds – the process that undoes sickness.”

“The lesson’s idea – “When I am healed I am not healed alone” – reflects back to us the unity of God’s Son: one in Heaven as Christ, one in the dream.  When I join with the love of Jesus in the holy instant and am healed, the Sonship is healed as well, because I am without my ego and thus without belief in separation and individuality.  In that instant I know the Son of God is one, and I am part of that oneness.”

“When I join with Jesus, I also join with the memory of my and everyone’s Identity as Christ – our true Self.  Healing lifts us above the dream’s battleground, from where we look at its figures, some of whom may be sick, one may even be the person I think of as myself.  Being outside the dream, I remember the oneness of God’s Son, and without separation there can be no thought of sickness.  Therefore, the appearance of a sick body must be illusory because it comes from the illusion I am separate from God.  However, if I am already joined with His Love by virtue of being with Jesus, the ego’s whole thing is made up, allowing us to remember the Whole Thing.”

“Looking with Jesus at our egos is one of the key themes of ACIM, the heart of forgiveness.  However, our eyes have grown accustomed to the darkness of illusions, and so time is needed within the illusory dream to time to allow our fear to abate sufficiently that we may see.  The comfort of Jesus’ presence by our side provides the gentleness of healing, slowly opening our eyes, so long kept closed.”

“Healing, forgiveness, and Jesus reflect the truth of our oneness and lead us back to it, yet it is important we remember it is the source we want, not its symbol.”

“The cause of suffering and anger is the decision to be guilty.  When we change the decision by taking Jesus’ hand instead of the ego’s, the cause is gone, which means the effect is gone as well.  If the effect has disappeared, it cannot have been real, for the ego says effects are eternal.”

“One of Jesus’ principal purposes in his course is to convince us that his love is strength, and the ego’s hate is weakness.  When in the holy instant we choose his strong hand, the Sonship is one in our experience, and all minds are healed.  They may still choose to be separated, yet within the healed mind the Sonship is healed, because it has been perceived as one.”

If you’re still with me, take a look at paragraph 10, here are some of Ken’s thoughts, powerful they are:

“This is another wonderful statement of the Oneness of God’s Son, which has nothing to do with the physical or behavioral.  To think it does is a gross misunderstanding of ACIM.  Healing occurs only within your mind, because there is only your mind.  When that mind is healed and you have chosen Jesus as your teacher, if only for an instant, you know God’s Son is one:  the separation is an illusion and its thought system of guilt – not to mention the world which arose from it – is illusion as well.”

Now take a look at 11:1-2, Ken writes, love this, BTW:

“In the holy instant you are outside the physical world, and so there is no separation thought – sin, guilt, and fear – nor a temporal/spatial world – past, present, and future – that could arise from it.  Remove the cause – separation – and the effect – the world – disappears.  In the holy instant, therefore, time is gone and healing is instantaneous.  It need not extend over time and space, because there is no time and space.  This is but another way of understanding why you do not consciously need to seek to extend love and healing.  If you do – believing there are people you have to convert, teach, and heal – you are back in the separated world of time and space, which means you mind is now unhealed.  In the holy instant no one is healed, because the recognition has dawned on our heretofore sick minds that everyone is already healed.  Indeed, no one was ever sick.”

I will close with his thoughts on paragraph 13, they are SOOOO helpful to me today:

“As you go through your day, ask yourself the following question:  Is it really worth it to hold onto this pain and anger, when in exchange I could have the blessing, joy, and peace of God”  That is your function:  to be in the holy instant when you undo your choice for the ego by choosing the Holy Spirit.  Again, do you really want to hold onto the ego’s thoughts and behavior, considering their cost?  Monitoring your mind throughout the day reflects the correct answer to this question.  Therefore, whenever you allow yourself to be aware of anger, hurt, depression, pain, or righteousness, step back and ask whether such specialness is worth the price:  Why would I not choose to have the blessing, joy, and peace of God instead of separation’s curse of pain?”



Mindfulness is among the many tools we can use to monitor our minds for thoughts of anger, irritation, depression, anxiety, etc.  Just deeply breathing, noting all tension in the body, its location, consciously relaxing any part that is taut and tight, and then, yes, I can ask for help to remove the blocks I have erected to push away the Love of God.

As soon as I get on that gerbil’s treadmill, going round and round in circles, I am right back into the ego’s web of urgency, drivenness and insanity.  I don’t stop to remember truth.  I just push through my day only to find myself downright exhausted at its end.

Don’t want to do that anymore.

Just don’t.

As I close, I am thinking back to a lesson we practiced recently.  Its theme was what do I value and Jesus provided us two laws and four criteria to utilize to determine how our individual lives play out.

Today I value peace.  Period.  And I will have the little willingness to ask for help when I fall right back into the ego’s trap of misery and pain.

Have a lovely day!



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