Happy Mother’s Day to all of you who are Moms.  My own has not been physically with us since 2001 and I miss her every day.  As I have deepened my understanding of projection, I can easily and readily see that she was never my nemesis although I thought her to be too many times and realize now, she was, actually, my savior.  A catalyst for my own growth and development.  I am learning to accept forgiveness for all the numerous occasions when I was less than loving and kind.  I had always thought her to be the quintessential button-pusher and, I, of course, always gave her what I thought she wanted…defensiveness and self-righteousness.  Such a forgiveness and healing opportunity I just couldn’t see at the time she “lived”.

But I digress.


“ This is one of the most important lessons in the workbook, as it provides an explicit statement of the illusory nature of the world and its connection with our thoughts.  The early workbook lessons, as you recall, centered on the relationship between our thoughts and the images we see in the world.  The same ideas are spoken of here, but in a more sophisticated manner that lead us still deeper into the truth of our reality.”

“It is the mind that gives the world its power, for it is where the binding occurs.  The first sentence in effect announces the theme that the lesson will now develop.”

Ken quotes from T-12.I.1:7-8;2:2-3), here you go:

“If you decide that someone is really trying to attack you or desert you or enslave you, you will respond as if he had actually done so, having made his error real to you.  To interpret error is to give it power, and having done this you will overlook truth…a clear-cut attempt to demonstrate your own ability to understand what you perceive.  This is shown by the fact that you react to your interpretations as if they were correct.”

“On an individual level we feel the shadowy fragment of what we all, as one Son, felt in that original instant.  There is no difference because there is no time.  The ego’s world of time and space – past, present, future, and separate bodies – was specifically made to put a gap between the original and ongoing thought system of separation, and our experiences in the world.  The purpose of ACIM is to shrink that gap, which is why early on in the text Jesus says the miracle saves time, collapsing the time interval by shrinking the space between the cause – the ancient instant when we chose the ego over the Holy Spirit – and the effect – the suffering we experience now in the body; the same gap we have introduced to keep us separate from each other.”

“It is essential to read the words of ACIM carefully, for they often have an evocative intent.”

What Ken wrote that I am about to share was very helpful to me:

“The focus again is on our thoughts – fear, doubt, misery, and pain exist only within the mind.  They come, without exception, from the belief that we exist, which means God had to be destroyed.  My individual existence was paramount and my only concern, and so I gladly killed if it meant my existence would continue.  This selfishness is the real meaning of sin, and the thought of having killed to acquire individuality is the source of our tears and sorrows.”

WOW!  Selfishness is the real meaning of sin.  How thought-provoking is that?

With respect to the phrase, “ideas leave not their source”, Ken writes:

“Jesus is reminding us of this key principle of ACIM.  Understanding this lesson, not to mention the Course itself, rests upon a proper understanding of this principle.  The idea of a world in which there is suffering and death has never left its source: the guilt in our minds.  The ego tells us that the idea of guilt does leave its source and makes a real world of guilt that is separate from, and independent of the mind.  Jesus, however, thinks otherwise, T-23.I.2:7).  The world we perceive outside is but the projection of the world we made real inside.  Since what is projected never leaves its source in the mind, there is literally no external world.  Thus there can be no world to save.  The parallel principle to ideas leave not their source is projection makes perception.”

“Perception is a result and not a cause”, T-21.in.1:8.

“Our function remains to choose the holy instant in the present, focusing on the forgiveness lessons the classroom of our immediate experience provides for us to learn – now.”

“Thus the problem of suffering – the problem is the world – is nothing more than an ego set-up, designed to obscure the simplicity of the answer, changing our minds.”

“It is impossible to understand statements such as these from the perspective of the body.  They can be understood only from a point outside the dream – above the battleground.  Only then can you look down on the world and body, and smile with gentleness at what had heretofore seemed so serious.  From within the world, a smile that takes nothing seriously is an attack and hardly loving, tantamount to hitting others over the head with the course, saying for example:  “Why are you upset, don’t you know the world is an illusion?”  However, if you really knew the world were an illusion, you could never say that to someone in pain.  These statements should be expressed only when you are truly clear – from a position outside the dream – that the world and body are illusory.  Otherwise, once again, these gentle and healing teachings end up as attacks.”

“Jesus is telling us to make another choice:  “Release your mind from the tyranny of the ego, under which you placed it, and choose my love instead.  You will then look out upon a world freed from your belief in sin and the projections of your guilt, for in your freedom is the freedom of the world.”


Think I will just close having shared Ken’s thoughts.

Lots of food for thought and some most helpful information that helps me to better comprehend the “power” and blessings, innumerable, from studying ACIM.

Have a HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY, if this applies, and if it doesn’t, best wishes to all of your MOMs, both in form or not, and have just a lovely day!



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