“The subject is special love.  For example, love between spouses or lovers is different from love between parent and child, or between friends; love for an animal or plant is not the same as love for a human being; and love for Jesus and God differs from all other forms.  The many kinds of love prove the ego is right:  there is indeed a hierarchy of illusions, as the first law of chaos proclaims (T-23.II.2:3).  Moreover, among the different kinds of love, some are deemed superior to others.  Thus we say the Love of God exists on a higher plan than sexual or romantic love:  or that nothing is purer than a mother’s love, superseding for a pet, plant or cause.”

In response to the first paragraph, he states:

“These statements are not meant to make us feel guilty, however, when we look on our love relationships and realize how variable and changeable they are.  We cannot change our mistakes unless we first realize we have made them.  Therefore it is helpful to see how unloving we are throughout the day:  we love people when they are kind to us; if not, our love changes.  We thus need to see our changeable feelings, so we could ask Jesus to help us realize we are reflecting our belief in sin, the origin of all change.

The sin of which we accuse ourselves is having loved God once, but then deciding His Love was not enough; we wanted our specialness and individuality instead.  We thus accused ourselves of a changing love, and in characteristic ego fashion, projected the sin, accusing others of being unfaithful and inconstant in their love.  Indeed, we want people to be unfaithful and wavering, because that allows us to put on the ego’s face of innocence.”

“In this world it is impossible to love everyone the same way in form.  Yet Jesus’ focus is never on behavior, but only on content – the thought that withholds love from certain people or groups, or from people at certain times.  The statements we find here echo Jesus’ earlier instructions.  The forms are different, but their content is the same:  becoming aware of how tempted we are to exclude.  It is not so important if you exclude a painting as you eyes gaze around a room, but it does become important if you exclude certain people from your love.”

“Love is content.  In the text sections on special relationships, Jesus is emphatic that specialness is the triumph of form at the expense of content.”

To jump to the practice, Ken writes in response to “Open your mind and rest”, (8:1-2), by stating:

“This implies our minds have been closed, which we must accept before we ask Jesus to help us open them.  In the manual, Jesus explains that it is judgment that closes our minds to the truth, and so they open as we release our judgments of others and ourselves.”

Reread paragraph 10 and then what Ken writes:

“Jesus is asking us to let go of the past, present and future, the shadowy projections of sin, guilt and fear.  In the holy instant when we ask Jesus’ help, we are outside linear time and the ego thought system, and therefore no longer bound by the world’s laws.  His vision releases the belief in the sinful past, guilty present, and fearful future, allowing the innocence of God’s Son to be reborn into a bright and shining future, the extension of the holy instant’s present love.”



I was consumed with unloving thoughts toward my husband yesterday.  I needed him to scan my driver’s license and insurance card at work, yet I didn’t want to be without them for a day, God forbid.  He seemed condescending about this, thinking it ridiculous for me to be worried about that.  I haven’t had a ticket in any form for decades.

He took them out of his wallet and gave them back to me, left without saying much.  Now, come on!  We’re old!  Kidding, but we both should know better.  It has seemed lately that the slightest disagreement or opposing views can trigger conflict where the tension is just over the top.  All this after his five day fly fishing trip in North Carolina, brother!

Anyhow, I realize that I allowed his behavior to get under my skin.  What was interesting was that I didn’t immediately recognize I was enraged with him, I had just focused on his attitude and his reaction to my concern about giving up those documents for the day.

I missed the boat!

It’s never about form, it’s always about content.

So easy to confuse the two and stay stuck.

Also, as I watched an update on MSNBC about the political arena, I also realized that I exclude a whole lot of people from my acceptance.  Special love/special hate.

Yesterday’s lesson was about everything I give, I give to myself and, today’s, there is ONLY God’s Love so when I exclude, either consciously or unconsciously, I am excluding myself from the Sonship and Oneness too.  No wonder I am so often miserable.

OK, so my husband and I are fine.  I just have to own my own feelings and interpretation.  Period.  I just have to ask for help in doing so.

I love the closing sentences to today’s lesson:

“I bless you, brother, with the Love of God, which I would share with you.  For I would learn the joyous lesson that there is no love but God’s and yours and mine and everyone’s.”

Blessing to all of you!



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