Morning!  (NOTE, if you read nothing else in this too long email, check out what Jesus said to Helen below about HER relationship with Bill Thetford!

Since Ken Wapnick has written almost 10 pages of his thoughts on this lesson and his eight books on the WB are 8”x10”, larger sized ones, I will focus on two areas where I feel his sharing is rich and helpful.  Here goes:


In response to 7:2-4, “Each one awaits release from hell through you, and turns to you imploringly for Heaven here and now.  It has no hope, but you become its hope.  And as its hope, do you become your own.  It has no hope, but you become its hope.  And as its hope, do you become your own.”  He writes:

“Everyone in this world is calling for help, expressing the need for release from hell.  We share the common need to learn we are wrong, and that there is indeed another thought system in our minds we can choose.  You need me as a reminder, for my example of peace and love demonstrates there is another choice to be made.  Thus Jesus says in the text that every attack is an expression of fear, and fear is a call for the love that has been denied:

NOTE:  Ken provided T-12.I.8:6-13 in its entirety, I lovingly recommend we all revisit this passage, very beneficial.

“If I am in my right mind, using Jesus’ eyes instead of my own, when you attack me I see your attack as an expression of fear, and your fear a statement that says:  “Please show me I am wrong; please show me there is another thought system I can choose.”  To the extent to which I can be defenseless and peaceful, to that extent I witness the right-minded choice for you; and as I do, I reinforce it in myself.  That is how we are taught to see our special relationships, and that is how they become holy.”

WOW!!!!  This is powerful stuff, everyone!

In response to 11:1-3 where Jesus is admonishing us to see some light in “our enemy” somewhere, Ken writes:

“This is not a lesson in New Age affirmations where we see light in everyone.  If we read this passage carefully, we can see Jesus saying we must first see “the ugly picture: for only then do we see the light shining beyond it.  This ugly picture includes someone you think of as your enemy, as well as someone you think of as your friend.  It is not difficult to notice the almost inevitable anger that is aroused when this “friend” no longer says or does what you need, or is no longer there for you.  You must therefore first get in touch with the ugly picture, for only then can you realize that perceiving the ugliness in others is a defense you have chosen to conceal the light of truth that is in your mind as well as in others.


The following message to Helen and Bill highlights the essence of practicing forgiveness:  you cannot forgive what you do not accept in your perception, and you cannot remember love until you first acknowledge the hate.  Thus Jesus told his first two students:

“You have no idea of the intensity of your wish to get rid of each other.  This does not mean that you are not strongly impelled toward each other, but it does mean that love is not the only emotion…You do not realize how much you hate each other.  You will not get rid of this until you do realize it, for until then, you will think you want to get rid of each other and keep the hatred…You do hate and fear each other, and your love, which is very real, is totally obscured by it…Look as calmly as you can upon hatred, for if we are to deny the denial of truth, we must first recognize what we are denying (Absence from Felicity, pp. 297, 298).”

This emphasizes the need to look at the ego’s denial of truth – i.e., hate – in order to meaningfully say I no longer want it.  Only then can the decision for love be effective; only then can we move through the ugliness of sin to the beauty of Christ.”

I will stop there.  There’s a lot more, but what I have inputted thus far is enough.

I have found just typing this to be most enlightening.

I will print this as Jesus through Ken has provided some deep insight into the meaning behind everything ACIM represents.

At least, for me.

I love what Jesus stated to Helen about her relationship with Bill.  Is this not true of all special relationships?  Having been married over 45 years, I can relate to what He said.  Also, I see specialness throughout all of my relationships outside of my affiliation with this ministry, to be honest.  I see where I settle or “bargain”, albeit unconsciously, or tolerate…whatever this specialness to which I am addicted means to me.

Don’t want it “no how” anymore.

I have experienced what HOLY relationships are meant to be, with our beloved Rev. Deb, with Mari as she and I read every other day every morning, with others with whom I am affiliated, I won’t share their names, they may not want me to, but with everyone with whom I have interacted on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

I am so very blessed, now to move on to relationships that are personal and professional that have nothing to do with MO, but, oh, they do, don’t they?

I’ll leave it at that.

Have a lovely day!




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