My mind holds only what I think with God.
133 – I will not value what is valueless.
134 – Let me perceive forgiveness as it is

As I work the lessons this year, I am open to the mirror and willing to see the shadows that appear. When I look at the shadows with the Holy Spirit, I do not need fear for His strong presence and peace protects me.

When I recall shadow experiences in my life, at times tragic, I have arrived at the place where I can see these experiences without the emotional charge. There may still be some tears, but I now see what is valueless vs. valuable. I am valuable. The wild dramatic story is not. It no longer serves me or my healing process.

This is forgiveness, the miracle, to look upon what has occurred and see that in truth, it has not.

Too often we can become involved in the drama of our stories. We need only be cognizant of how we tell our stories. As I related a “story” to Paul yesterday, I was relieved that the emotional charge had disappeared and that I was allowing my wholeness to be in the forefront.

We can be such the victim of our experiences if we view them that way. With Heaven’s Help, we can view them differently, and love ourselves more deeply. This is the journey into wholeness, and we are never alone.


Rev. Deb

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