What I receive is what I give. If I focus my mind on drama, stress, negativity and everything that is wrong in my “world” then that will be my experience. That is what I give to myself.

This doesn’t mean we don’t do our own shadow work and look at the places within that need to be healed. I certainly work on those areas myself. When the pot is stirred, the “shit” rises to the surface to be noticed, forgiven and healed.

However, if we continue to dwell day after day on life’s upsets without the desire to truly receive the gifts those opportunities present, then we have every reason to be miserable, anxious and worried. We are not trusting the process and certainly not trusting God.

I’ve been there at times myself but more and more I have the desire to look at how I tick. I have lists of projects, clients, and other work to do not only for MiraclesOne but my other businesses. Yet, I see the power of remaining calm in the midst of the storm. Remember, Jesus does tell us that what we see externally is what is going on internally–the outside picture of an inward condition.

Can I take the clues from my “outside picture”? That is what I need to ask.

And I do. I am all for inquiry for that is how I learn and grow in my spiritual life.

Lesson 125 gives us the other object of our healing, “in quiet” as the answer. When I witness the tornadic activity of my mind, I also witness where do I feel it in my body, my emotions and also the mind. Obviously I am not at peace when this occurs.

What is our remedy?

Stopping, going within, receiving the Word of God in quiet. As the Beatles sang once, “Say the word and you’ll be free, say the word and be like me, say the word I’m thinking of, say the word “Love.” A more obscure Beatles tune that Beatles’ fans would recognize off of the “Rubber Soul” album. Then again, you probably recall the more famous song, “All You Need is Love.”

Isn’t that true?

We need that Love to Light the way. It carves the path for us out of the misery and into Heaven. It takes only an instant. Not “talking” about the instant, but actually experiencing the holy instant.

Try it the next time you feel overwhelmed by your personal and global world. The key is forgiveness and you have had it in your hand the entire time.

Rev. Deb

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