Only salvation can be said to cure.

With this lesson, we have to set aside our previous beliefs in health and healing from whatever philosophy, spirituality, religion, or otherwise. Here is the crux of the Course, this world is an illusion and all bodily illness is an illusion as well.

This may seem hard to digest especially when many religions have us pray for someone’s healing.

As Jesus tells us in this lesson, shifting changes in the body is only shifting illusions. As the saying goes, like moving the chairs around on the deck of the Titanic. Pay attention to the first paragraph in this lesson.

Cure – is not of this world and is not a world remedy. The world focuses on the body getting better. (Hang on to your thoughts that are coming up around any of this.) When the body seems to heal, it is trading one illusion for another. Really think about this and everything Jesus tells us in the Course. It’s not that some of the world is an illusion, all of the world is an illusion.

We are dreaming we are sick, just as we dream when we are well. Does that mean we stop caring for ourselves or others? Do we stop praying? Do we stop taking medications or natural remedies?

We go with what will bring us peace. That is, meeting ourselves where we are. We can take good care of ourselves, we can join in prayer to see the truth in someone, we can do all the things that bring us comfort in our body and emotional mind. But if we take the Course for the Course, and not any other teaching, it is all shifting. It is not truth. This is where many Course students get stuck or desire the Course to say something other than it does. We want the Course to fit into our own belief system. That’s not the basis of the Course. We are to retrain our minds by letting go of the ego thought system through the daily Workbook Lessons and accept the thought system of Love by the Holy Spirit.

Don’t judge yourself on where you are with this. Jesus desires our happiness. We have already been cured of our belief in the separation. We are already healed. Now we must listen to what He has to share with us and we do this with today’s practice.

“Only salvation can be said to cure. Speak to us, Father, that we may be healed.”

If you remember in the Introduction to the Workbook it is said that we may not understand the ideas, we may be resistant to the ideas, or we may not like them. Yet we are asked to trust and do them aside all of that.

Trust in the Holy Spirit today and do as such and see what occurs for you. I know in my experience when I focus less on healing the body and focus on the healing of the mind through the practice of forgiveness, I experience a lightness, a freedom and great peace. And that indeed is my goal.


Rev. Deb

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