Heaven is the decision I must make.

We are in the habit of giving our power away. I’ve done it. I admit and know I have and probably at times still do. Yet, I know for me when I realized I had all power to change my mind, that I was not at the whim of others, that I could change the direction of my life and mind, I was uplifted to greater heights.

Playing the victim to anyone or anything does not serve me. We read this in the Course that “Heaven is a decision…” or “I have the choice…” but we go in our mind, “blah, blah, blah” and skip over it! Early on in my studies of ACIM I know I did. You see the mind wants to do the incredible gymnastics and figure this Course out. When we come to the point and I did, where I realized how simple this Course actually was, there was great freedom.

“You need to be reminded that you think a thousand choices are confronting you, when there is really only one to make.  And even this but seems to be a choice. Do not confuse yourself with all the doubts that myriad decisions would induce. You make but one.  And when that one is made, you will perceive it was no choice at all.  For truth is true, and nothing else is true.  There is no opposite to choose instead.  There is no contradiction to the truth.”

Join your power today with God.


Rev. Deb

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