Let me perceive forgiveness as it is.

We can see the truth, yet what we need to do to offer love to ourselves while we are doing so. Inevitably it is seeing the truth that we are not separate from God but one with Him. Yet here in the world we have our own experiences that we contend with. A friend or colleague who has lied to us repeatedly, a betrayal by a family member, an outcome not to our liking and much more. We deal with it here in the world as it comes, all the while knowing it is something greater underneath.

We can step aside from relationships with people if it feels uncomfortable for us, however, and I have my own experience with this, we must be clear in our minds with the Holy Spirit what is truly occurring. When we can be truly honest and frank with Him then the peace will arrive. We will no longer be hiding but able to receive His Light of Truth. We have to remember it is not about what the other has done or not done, it is about the forgiveness work we need to do for ourselves.

Sometimes I have witnessed others go through such pretzel twists to alleviate their own guilt. Do that with the Holy Spirit. Otherwise, it is foolish. Honesty is always the best policy and always within to the Holy Spirit. We have to ask ourselves, as Jesus refers to in this lesson, whenever we are ready to project upon and blame another: “Would I accuse myself of doing this?” and the answer is most likely, “NO!”

Let forgiveness be the salve to heal your mind. This will bring happiness to your heart. There is nothing to prove and no need to put ourselves into uncomfortable situations if we are just not ready and who knows we may never be “ready” according to the world’s standards. Trust Holy Spirit. He knows what is best for you. If it is to apologize to another you have hurt, or accept their apology, then do so. If it is not time, trust Him to tell you that too.

The practice today helps us to see forgiveness as it truly is. Not a time to see another as sinful, but to see them as innocent. I know in my practice with this today, I had my “person of interest” come to mind and did all that I was instructed in this lesson. I know that my freedom depends on my release of the chains that bind us both. I have to acknowledge that I even have this thorn piercing my mind. Too often as students we try to whisk those thoughts away and pretend the thoughts doesn’t exist. Acknowledge it, get help with it from Spirit, then move on.

This releases the chains that bind.


Rev. Deb

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